Saturday, November 11, 2023

Inside the building at Area 15

I will continue on for a few blogs about Area 15. But to catch up a few other things. The TV that Bill watches all the time keeps going black, until we unplug and reset the Dish Joey receiver. Needless to say this is driving Bill crazy. He has a hard enough time finding the buttons on the remote. So tech coming tomorrow aft. Hope he can fix it and that it is not the new Roku TV it is plugged into.  We got lucky with tech - although for me it was a challenge. They were supposed to come between 12 and 5. So I went walking this morning at 9:00  - About 10:15 I get a call tech is at gate and wants code. I am in middle of Wetlands...So I told them I could meet them in about 15 minutes and gave them the gate code. Called Bill, several times, he was "reading in the bedroom" and didn't hear the phone - well, okay, he was sleeping. So I did some very fast walking, leaving my friends behind, and managed to get home in 13.5 minutes. They think they figured out the problem and now we wait and see. According to them our main box was the one getting too hot and shutting off the secondary box. So main box is now up on legs to keep it cool. So...

Also called health insurance and found a new retina doctor for Bill. Bill is not too happy with the way his eye is getting worse. And the doctor's attitude about it. So he now has an appointment on Dec1st to see new doctor.  Hopefully he will get better news.  

Here is a really red sunset we had a few nights ago. 

Las Vegas has been dealing with a whole lot of road closures along the strip due to the Formula 1 race event that starts next Wednesday through Friday. Guess when we will get our first rain of the winter. That's right Wednesday and Thursday!! I think most of the populace of Vegas is going OH YAH - NANA NANA!!! The repaving, putting up bleachers, closing strip sidewalks, cutting down old trees on strip sidewalks etc etc etc has been going on for over four months. Most regular people here in town cannot afford the tickets to go see it. So needless to say we aren't happy with the whole thing.  All the strip workers will not be able to drive to their work places. Will have to park several blocks away and take the monorail or walk. 
Another picture of the Sphere. 
So back to Area 15, after we entered through the bland door everything changed. Dark and neon every where. Hard to describe. And this area was only the beginning and dull by comparison to what was inside the cooler door. No I'm not nuts. Our first view. Sorry it is blurry - didn't let the camera focus. 
There were several, little shops and bar/restaurants inside the huge warehouse like room we were in. 
Entrance to a toy store, no we didn't go in. Too much to see to stop. 
This is the line waiting to go into the "grocery store" Omega Mart. Our next stop after looking around some more. Let me remind you we had already walked in the Wetlands 3.5 miles that morning. Lots of ground to cover here. 
This lit up tree was amazing, changing colors and then moving up and down or appeared to move. 
A couple of real short videos of the tree. 

Inside the "grocery store" they sell all kinds of weird things. From toys, knick knacks to real groceries like soup, candy and soap. The things that look like chip bags on the right are pillows. Little statue of a what ever hawking his wares. Can't remember what it was. Display of some type of food corn behind him. 
You could crawl into this and stick your head out the hole for a picture. I thought about it but decided if I ever got under it they'd have to get a tow truck to get me out. 
These are stuffed things...Daikon Radish stuffed toy. People were buying them. 
Red and Green pepper ceramic pieces. Kind of funny. 
Mushroom animals and vegetables. Only a couple of inches high. 
More corn. 
Non edible donuts.
A camel made out of soup cans, the soup was for sale. 
And then we went through the cooler door. And the adventure began. 
How was it - well this is what I looked like when we came out an hour or so later. 
Next blog will show you why. 
Bill and I just realized neither of us have any winter clothes - I should clarify that. We don't have any winter clothes that will still fit us. Last time we wore them was over 15 years ago. And I only have sandals and one pair of tennis shoes. So shopping time is coming. After I try everything in the closet on and realize for sure they no longer fit. 

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SandyM said...

I like the ceramic peppers! Oh my goodness that last photo - must has startled you when you saw it. Because of foot surgery I wear sandals year round and sneakers only when walking or raining. Love my sandals. Enjoyed all the photos; thank for sharing.