Saturday, November 18, 2023

Inside the real INSIDE at Area 15

So back to Area 15 - it is so hard to explain really what it is. Think of psychedelic hallucinations full of color and movement. To get into the amazing room you go through one door of the cold case in the grocery store.  I happened to notice someone open the door and I remembered hearing about what was inside.  Here we go!

Walking through the hallway into the huge two story building at end of hallway. 
A lot of my pictures didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped. Some I didn't let the camera focus, some it was just too much movement and/or too dark. So here is one of the first ones that turned out. No explanation for most of them. The building was dark, two floors with hallways around the whole floor. In the hallways there were crawl spaces or doors you could go through to see many different experiences. 
Same area looking up. 
Don't remember why I took this one. But you can see how dark it was. 
This is the floor. The floor is black with a strip of glass with moving lighting under it. Brings you to a halt wondering if you should step on it or not. 
More of the glass river leading into a big room with different images showing up on the walls. You can see one on the right. 
Going through a door into a room with this floor. I stopped, didn't go in. 
Big area with different "things" on it. Colors changing, things moving. 
Looking upstairs from ground floor. There were stairs going up, but we found the elevator. 

No idea. 
Just before I took this picture this wall had aliens all over it. Then they just whooshed away. 
More of the glass river on the floor. It kept changing. 

Very short video. 
Another wall with changing themes. Different images and colors. 
Inside one of the doors. 
Just an idea of what we saw, more to come next time. Certainly different than the Wetlands. 
Changing the subject. The F1 had its first event Thursday night on the Strip. For six months they have been paving and repaving and working on the circuit a big part of which is along Las Vegas Blvd - The Strip. About 15 minutes into the practice, which started at 8:00 at night, one of the Ferraris went over a manhole cover which came up and destroyed the underside of the car. RED FLAG - end of practice. I think a lot of locals watching were kind of Ha Ha about it. It has been a mess here. More practice and qualifying tonight and by "tonight" I mean around midnight. I'm going to record it. Last night I did watch and record the practice. Interesting. And recorded the qualifying Will watch it later. 
Worked on my Christmas place mats until I got to frustrated. Thread kept breaking on sewing machine. Also going to go walking in about an hour. Hope it isn't too warm. The temp is in 60's but the sun is hot. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Kind of what I would imagine an LSD trip to be😁

Carol and Bill said...

That is just what I was thinking while we were there. Really amazing place.