Saturday, November 25, 2023

I promise the end of Area 15.

 I promise this is the end of Area 15, but it was so interesting to go to and so hard to explain what it is. This part, walking through it, The lights were moving - kind of made me dizzy. 

What do you think


Just more pictures of the colors. We sat down here for a while and just enjoyed. 
Another room to go through. 
That on the lower left is a little house. All kinds of things inside it. Lights on the wall were moving and changing. 
Built into one of the walls. Just interesting I thought. 
Read the fourth one down. Funny. I heard one young woman commenting that she wondered what language this was written in.

This was amazing. There were only three heads in a very small area, but all kinds of mirrors. 

Video is short. 
No idea, just liked it. 

This was kind of interactive for the young of mind. 
This was pretty, doesn't show up so well in a still picture. 

Another short video. 
I couldn't go in this room. 

Just pictures. 

Saw these as we were exiting the area. 

So that was our experience in Area 15. Yes I'd go back. I think we missed several of the rooms and didn't pay enough attention to some of the things. SOOOOO much to see. I marvel at the minds that put this all together. I read that at night it is an "adult" experience. NO not for me, but I'd go back at daytime again. Hope you enjoyed. 


Mark said...

Looks like an interesting place for sure.

Doug and Nancy said...

I've enjoyed your reporting on this exhibition. Sounds like you really enjoyed it. Hi to Bill!

Carol and Bill said...
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Carol and Bill said...

Mark - it is really interesting, would go back and spend more time there. Think we missed a lot.
Doug and Nancy - if you are ever here go to it. Amazing minds thought it up.

Contessa said...

Certainly colourful enough