Wednesday, November 1, 2023

Why do people deface Nature?

Not much to write about except what we see on our walks. Walked Monday and today. Three miles each day. Today it was in the very low 50's when we startled out. I even wore a light weight jacket. I got a new desktop computer and it is giving me fits. I got it all set up yesterday the way I wanted it - windows 11 - ugh - and turned it off to go do something else. When I turned it back on I got NOTHING - black screen! Kept turning it off and on, finally got a message that it couldn't boot up - no kidding! Then a screen came up with a few suggestions to restart it. The first two didn't work. Finally it told me that it was going to use the Interned to go somewhat and download the operating system again. It seems to have worked. For Now Anyway. No idea what went wrong. 
Some of the fish and turtles in one of the ponds. Some one must have caught the Koi over the summer as they aren't here any more. 
And other idiots have carved their names and initials into these poor trees. So this had to be done. 
Just soma of the carving. (boy I am having a terrible time with this new keyboard, it feels smaller though the keys are the same size - but I sure am hitting the wrong ones a lot )
I think these are geese, sounded like them. Only ones I've seen this year. 
Lots of new birds on the river
Guess he got mad an left. 
Just liked the picture. 
Any way, I hope I can find all of my pictures I've taken. Little by little.

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