Saturday, November 4, 2023

Very confused...

 Well I got my new computer Windows 11 set up, loaded up and working. Of course some of my old programs no longer with with 11 so had to go on line and BUY newer versions. Now to learn how to work them. It took me several times to get the computer to work. It kept not wanting to restart after shut off and to get it working it - yes IT- went to the Internet and reset it to factory settings. So I had to reload all my info and programs. After doing that a couple of times. I loaded it back into its box and was going to return it. Even set my old computer back up. Then got thinking - when I tried to load one of my old programs it kept giving me an error about "drivers." Hum wondered if that was the problem. So next morning I unplugged old one and set up new one again without my favorite program Photo Shop. Works fine now. So now I have to pay monthly for Photo Shop - have it on a trial basis for a while. So far have barely managed to figure out a couple of things. Don't like it. So I have a week or two to see if I can learn how it works without tearing out my curls. So here are some photos I took to see how things work. I'm not sure I got them resized enough for them to load easily, let me know if there is a problem. 

 The first one is the unfinished Christmas placemats I am working on. Lot more work to do on them.

For the first time in years we are home in November. Last year at this time we were one day from Mazatlan. So, anyway, I pulled out my Fall/Thanksgiving decorations. A set of four placemats. 
And flowers and knick knacks. 
Also come fall sun catchers for the kitchen window.
I get teased about my turkey dish towels, but I like them. Bought them of course.
A window hanging I embroidered with my sewing machine when it was still working
Our weather has finally realized it is fall and I figured out how to set our new thermostat to auto so it will come on with heat in the night and AC if needed in the day. Have to use the App on the phone to make it save what I want. 
So that is about it for now. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Busy as always!!

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Hi Carol: Your pictures came out perfect. You are so talented, all of you creations are wonderful. While you may miss being in Mexico you get to enjoy decorating for the holiday season. Good luck with the new computer!!

Nancy Kissack said...

I use the web version of photoshop. It actually has some nice features. If you use Bridge (where I make most all of my adjustments) they have a Dehaze feature that is really cool. After adjustments, I Open it to Photoshop, click on File, EXPORT, Save for Web and change the size to 1200 px. They upload much faster to blogger or whatever program you use. I complain about the monthly charge, but I do like the features much better than the old version.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - a year ago we were in Mazatlan. So time at home seems strange. Mostly playing with my new windows 11 computer.
Ruth - Thank you for your comments. New computer and I are getting along better, even finding new stuff I like better than old. Still a big learning curve.
Nancy - learning the new photoshop, getting better at finding things and getting them to work. Made a copy of your comments so I don't forget what to do. Need to look into Bridge. Thanks for info.