Thursday, November 16, 2023

Just every day stuff.

Just every day stuff this time, but there will be more on Area 15 in a couple of more blogs. Boy, we went to fill up the Jeep the other day. I am driving it now for a while as it is easier for Bill to get in and out of. 18.45 gallons at $4.80 per gallon. Reality shock. Glad we aren't driving too much. 

So what else is going on - Our Dish TV had been giving us problems. It would just shut off while watching it. Not the main TV but the one in the den. It had been doing that for quite a while. Even before we got the new Roku TV. I'd called Dish three or four times trying to get them to replace the receiver box in that room. Nope. So they set up a tech visit. Luckily the person I was talking to came through for me. She set me up with the home visit insurance - one month free so it would cover the $95 visit. And reminded me to cancel it before the month was out. Visit was for the next day. Arrival between 12 and 5. Well that was a walking day so we left at 9:00 me thinking I'd be home in plenty of time. About 10:15 I get a call the tech is at the gate...nuts! I'm about a mile into the Wetlands. They said they would wait for me. Never walked so fast in my life. It seems like they got the problem fixed as things are working okay now. 

Then that night the speakers on Bill's three month old computer quit working. We both fooled around with it but couldn't get them working. So the next morning I called the Geek Squad - yes I pay yearly for their service. Was on phone with a guy in Panama for about an hour, he couldn't get things working. So he switched me to someone else - an engineer. Who I'd bet was in India. Withing fifteen minutes he had every thing working. Just uninstalled drivers then re installed them. All is now working well. With all that is going on health wise around here minor things feel like big crisis. 

I continue to work on my Christmas placemats -m have then to the point where I can start the initial quilting on them. Forgot what a drag pinning them in preparation for the quilting is. 

After I finish quilting them I still have to put the edging on them. Hope they will be done by Christmas. 

Have also finished the last diamond dots picture I was working on. The light wasn't good so the sparkles don't show up, prettier than it looks here.  No idea what I'm going to do with all these, but sure fun to do. (Oh just noticed I took this picture before it was completely done - see upper right corner no beads.)

Just a small corner - lower left...lots and lots of beads to work with. 

I had looked into signing up for an RV driving course.  Could have taken them in December - expensive - two four days and $600. Decided to wait until we know more about what is going on with Bill's eyes. He sees a new doctor early December.  Our son said he would go with me if I wanted to practice driving the RV. So we will see. Speaking of our son, the one who lives here in Vegas. He just sent two of his ladies, he owns a cleaning service, over here to clean the house. I'm asking them to do things I don't always do, back in corners and under things. But it is nice to have the whole house cleaned in one day. 

I am still walking, in fact yesterday we walked four miles!!  I feel it today, but we usually do around three. It is just so nice out there in the Wetlands, you don't realize how far you are going. We only saw road runners and one bunny besides the water fowl.  From yesterdays walk. And the weather is getting nice here. In low 60's when we walk. Though it is going to rain for the next few days. 

Guess that is it for now. Oh, Bill did go to ear doctor. Basically his problem is to do with his allergies. So doctor changed his nasal spray - said that should relieve the feeling of pressure in his ear. So far so good. His hearing isn't so bad yet that he needs hearing aids. Oh that reminds me, we are no longer senior citizens, we are now Super Agers. Once you are 80 or older. Enough for today. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Well, I always knew you were "super" nice!

Craftyfox said...

Told my husband that we were now Super Agers...he says he prefers to be called an "old fart". I think I will stay with senior citizen even tho I'm 83. He He He wears a cap that ssys

Craftyfox said...

Trying to say he wears a cap that says "don't forget my senior discount".

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Congratulations on keeping up with the walking!! It is terrific that you have a great place to walk and others that go along. It is more fun going with others.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You do keep busy! I love your diamond dots. Brian has done many of them as well, he really enjoys them. You Christmas placemats look lovely as well. I commend you on your dedicated walking as well 👏

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - well thank you.
Craftyfox - I too prefer Old Fart - sounds more fun than Super Agers. I need to get Bill a hat like that.
Ruth - Going walking a little later today, when the sun is right above us, even with cooler temperatures high 60's it gets hot. Next week I'll be walking on my own, both ladies I walk with won't be walking then. Hope I have the drive to get out there and do it. Easy to say "Naw."
Anonymous - I'm looking for a more interesting diamond dot to do next. Maybe a tango dancer or fall forest. Continue working on placemats. Next is hand work on them. Ugh. I am determined to get my 100 mile reward, still have a ways to go for it.