Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Well what can I say...

I continue with my walking. This morning got in three miles again. I am up to 94 miles since I joined the Wetlands Walkers. Only two walks away from 100 miles the next award point. 

One of our walks last week. A couple of guys fishing in the river. Big NO FISHING signs all over the place. Had their unleashed dog with them too. Second time we've seen guys fishing in this part of the river. 

And what's with this guy? He is half under the bridge. And sound asleep.
A little bit of fall colors, some yellows and a little orange that didn't really show up. Beautiful day though. 
Just liked the reflection of the bridge below the waterfall. 
Kind of looks like a light snowfall. But it is salt coming up out of the ground.
Had our first Uber experiences on Monday.  Bill's retina doctor appointment was at 2:15 way across town in Henderson. I've driven there before but...we are always in that facility for hours for his appointments. One time over 6 hours. So I didn't dare to drive because it gets dark here at 4:30. Just can't drive in the dark any more. I was nervous about using Uber as I wanted to make sure we got to appointment on time. So I order the ride about two hours before the time I wanted them to pick us up. Well then I wasn't sure I'd done it right so called our son to tell him what I did. He ended up getting us on Facetime and looking at my phone to try to figure out what I'd done. Interesting - never did facetime before. Any way conclusion was I should be okay, BUT, if I didn't hear from Uber about 15 minutes before I thought we should be picked up to call son and he would come get us. It all turned out fine, heard from Uber, he picked us up a little early and flew up the freeway to the office. We got there 30 minutes early - oh well. Better than late. And we got to see doctor quickly and were ready to leave at 4:00 - I could have driven ... So called Uber for ride home, picked us up in 5 minutes and we were home before 4:30. Very good experience.

Have had a couple of real pretty sunrises lately. A couple of different days. 

Change in weather too, yesterday it got up to 72 and today is supposed to be the same. Still cold in the morning though.

Back to doctor's appointment. Bill got the new injection, but the doctor is not too encouraging about it. Says Bill has a lot of scar tissue that the injection does not treat. His eyesight might or might not improve. Not what we wanted to hear. He also told Bill he is now considered legally blind. Not what we wanted to hear. Time to make some decisions. 

Went up to see the manager of where we live, manufactured home community, about the damage the flood did to under our home. Got a lot of well, umm, err...about what I expected. So now he has two visits from me and lots of documentation. He will forward to corporate...oh goody. 


gumo said...

The fishermen and loose dog need to be reported. My opinion.

SandyM said...

What a lovely place to walk. Have been enjoying the changing header photos - thanks for sharing.

Carol and Bill said...

Gumo - I agree about reported.
Sandy - it is very peaceful out there. Thank you