Wednesday, October 25, 2017

On to Amado, AZ

Yep – all the way to Amado. We left Quartzsite a little after 8 a.m. after filling up at the Flying J there. $2.30 a gallon. Price has gone up since we were in AZ a month or so ago.
I like the front of the Shady Lane RV park. Lots of cactus.
I thought I got a better picture than this, but took it as we went flying by. It is a metal worker in Quartzsite. He has a lot of interesting things.
And outside the Chamber of Commerce. Welcome everyone.
Didn’t take many pictures on the drive. Been there, done that many, many times. Did see a blimp though, haven’t seen one in a long time. Didn’t get a close enough look to see who it belonged to.
Notice the haze in the air. Another windy day as we got on the I-10 headed southeast out of Phoenix.
No stops, nothing else interesting until we got to Tucson. Where we MISSED the turn from I-10 to the 19. I know – how did we manage that. Wrong lane too much traffic. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So we got off the 10 on to some street that I was trying to find on the GPS so we could get across town to the 19 when Whoop, Whoop!  Is that for us? Yep. Pulled over, nice Mr. Policeman said keep going until you find a driveway big enough to pull into. Okay. So what did we do? Well as we pulled off the interstate onto the road we were going 42mph instead of 35mph. Who knew? Any way he just told us what we did. We explained we were trying to get back on the 19 so he gave us directions. Then he just warned us and wished us a nice vacation. Thank goodness.
While heading for the 19 we passed this little church with the interesting cross in front. Very pretty.
Uneventful after that all the way to Amado. Got there about 15 to 2:00. Almost six hours for 300 miles.
More new owners in the park and they are doing a lot of work here. We are at the Mountain View RV Ranch. We stay here every year and I think they are on their 5th owner since we’ve been coming here. They have good WiFi that reaches the whole park. Our Direct TV works fine here as does our Verizon phone and MiFi [though I’m using theirs.] For a week it costs $143.91 about $21 a night.
After setting up and unhooking the car we headed across the highway for a late lunch at the Cow Palace.
Now time to rest and figure out what to do next. Stay the whole week or head out Monday.

I just called our home Internet service and put it on seasonal suspension. Saving some money that way. And when I know for sure what day we will go into Mexico I’ll call our satellite TV and suspend it too. Details, details. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Yeahhhh!!!! "We" are on the road again. I can even check in from my desk at work.....ha ha, I know, sneaky!!

Suz said...

Happy Trails!

Carol and Bill said...

I'll try to keep it interesting. See you next year

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you. Hopefully they will be. At least Bill will be warm.