Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Drastic change in weather

Oh my gosh, I knew it was finally going to get cooler, but this is a whole lot cooler. Bill is going to freeze. And we might get rain Sunday night and Monday. 

Had an emotional melt down the other evening. I think everything is just catching up with me. I complained loudly about how warm it was in the house, so Bill took pity on me and turned the thermostat down. Then he was cold. Ended up wearing long pants and a sweat shirt! I continued my sulking - got out a 300 piece puzzle and did it while listening to old sad country music. 

Heard, kind of, from doctor after many calls to them. They made Bill an appointment for Wednesday to see the doctor again. Think it is just an infection, but then they added, "If his symptoms get worse go to emergency." Now that is scary. What symptoms??? He feels fine - he says.  My results weren't back yet so have to call again today. [After another phone call found out my results were in doctors office last Thursday.] So  many changes since I started this yesterday. This morning Bill has an appointment clear across town with an infectious disease doctor and I now have to see our primary doctor this afternoon - I will be getting the appointment that was originally for Bill. What a mess. And still no real answers. When we get home in the spring will be looking for another primary doctor!

We got our second shingles shot two days ago, boy is my arm swollen and sore, even ran a slight fever yesterday. Feels okay today. 

I decided I like to be able to hang my mask around my neck when going between errands so made another beaded strap. The one on the mask I'd made when I was making the beaded necklace, so just starting the new one. 

Got it done, remember the necklace? The new strap is the top one. So now I have two just in case one breaks. They are so light weight can't even feel it on my neck. 
I can change them from mask to mask. Not making one for Bill, think he'd feel a little silly with flowers around his neck. 
Went over to the RV yesterday and it wouldn't start so called FMCA Roadside Assistance to get a jump start. They told me our account had expired. I was sure I'd paid it but didn't argue and after hanging up went on line and to check it out. Oops - maybe I didn't renew it in May. Then we went back to the RV and I looked for the paper work, sure enough I'd renewed it in May. After checking both cards I realized they had different membership numbers on them. So guess a phone call is in order later today. Finally got it started and right now it is at RV doctor being checked, belts, batteries, tires etc. Don't need any problems while on the road.  PS - called them and got my money back for duplicate membership. 
I would like just one day with no drama. 
AAARRRGGG! Home from one doctor on way to another.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Good idea, making a chain for the mask.

Barb said...

I love your beadwork! Hope you get your medical issues resolved soon!

Carol and Bill said...

Jackie - it helps with the "forgot it in the car" thing. Once it is with me it stays with me.
Barb - thanks. I'm about done with seeing doctors ever again.

Kathy Tycho said...

I feel your pain...everything is just so hard these days. A little sun will help. Westjet cancelled our flight and now we have rebooked with Swoop out of Edmonton. Have to fly to Vancouver and then to Edmonton,AB and overnight there. At least it's a direct flight but..will it cancel too? Friends had the same issue and will go on Swoop with us. Very stressful.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - I've been seeing all the people who had their flights cancelled. Hope your new booking works for you. Just read the cruise ships will be back in November. Some of them anyway. From San Diego.

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