Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Like kids in a candy store

Yesterday was a big deal kind of day. We actually went to WalMart. [first time inside WalMart since we went in Arizona in March.] I wanted to get 2021 desk calendars for our desks. And frankly just wanted to get out. Pleasantly surprised at how well set up they were with directional aisles, sanitizer everywhere and everyone in masks. Spent about an hour just wandering around in there. 

Was surprised to see so many empty shelves, especially in paper supplies sections. This was supposed to have paper plates. Paper towels and toilet paper aisles were kind of bare too. 

Of course, no alcohol or Lysol Spray Disinfectant, the girl stocking shelves says they get it and it is gone in 20 minutes.  I did find a box of three puzzles for $10, good sized ones of Kincaid pictures.
And we found A WHOLE LOT OF OTHER STUFF. Mostly stuff for taking to Mazatlan. Always get the vehicles serviced there so lots of oil, wax, and additives for fuel. Also Christmas lights. Bill found some tennis shoes and we got a few groceries I didn't know we needed. Any way about choked when the checker told me the total. No more in store shopping for us for a while. And they didn't have calendars! So will have to go to find some some where [okay, Bill ordered them from Amazon.]
Have put up our Halloween decorations.  The place mats are all on one side of the table, cause I use the other side for my puzzles. 
Some stained glass in the kitchen window. 

And the embroidered window hanging. 
Spent part of the day making more masks, I want to be able to just use them once and put them in laundry. So figured we needed a few more. Did remember to buy elastic for the masks at WalMart. Still have some more to make. 

Finally human temperatures. Going to love it. 
This morning's sunrise over the desert. 

Managed to g
et out for a walk this a.m. Forty minutes 2.14 miles. I always feel so much better when I get out and move. 
Another doctor's appointment this afternoon for Bill with the cardiologist. Then we are almost done. 


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Love your Halloween decorations!! I just read yesterday that currently US citizens can't enter Mexico by driving, they are allowed in if they fly. No one seems to understand why they allow one and not the other.

Carol and Bill said...

Many US citizens have crossed the border lately in vehicles. We know some of them. So kind of depends where you cross. Nogales seems to be open for all. But who knows, it is that kind of year.