Friday, October 9, 2020

Lots of good news

Thursday night we had another experimental air fryer dinner to celebrate good news. We had salmon and stuffed Portabello mushrooms fixed in air fryer along with salad and cauliflower rice flavored with garlic and herbs. Turned out pretty good. Took this picture before putting the rice on the plate. So disgusting, we are eating healthy. 

Now for the good/great news.  Bill's visit with the cardiologist went very well. Doctor was very happy with Bill's test results. Says his heart is the strongest it has been. No change in medications or any thing. Just go to Mexico and have fun. 
This was Thursday mornings sunrise. Another pretty one. 

Today I had an appointment with the allergy doctor about my chronic hives. He has changed my medication from five pills a day to two and so far no hives. Hopefully I stay that way. 
And after that appointment I visited with my girlfriend who lives by the doctor and picked up a four pack of - DRUM ROLL - Lysol Spray Disinfectant! We had been talking about not being able to buy any any where - then she happened to be in Costco and they had some, she called me and asked if I wanted some. YES. The clerk who was stocking the shelves told her to buy them right then as in 30 minutes they would all be gone. So now I have more than I'll probably ever use. 
We also went out to get our Flu shots, one more thing off the to do list. 
Also been keeping busy making more masks, did four yesterday, none today but will finish the ones I've got started tomorrow - probably.  
Monday we have our, hopefully, last doctor's appointment with our primary doctor. I already know he has news for me. Called to tell me I had a mild infection that will need to be treated. Lovely.
Road racing in NASCAR this weekend, probably in the rain. Should be fun to watch. 


SandyM said...

Your dinner looks delicious and who minds healthy when it is so good. Glad for every bit of good news you are getting to make ready for your trip. Will be so interesting to read your blogs from Mazatlan this year to compare with past years and learn if there are many snowbirds. Will just enjoy Mexico through your posts because we will not be going this year. Insert very sad faces here.

Marilyn said...

Fabulous for you to get things under control. We are not going to Mexico this year....but....we bought a 28ft 5th wheel to go in November of 2021! Put some rocks aside for us! Once again. Great news....all these healthy meals are making a young man of Bill again!

Kathy Tycho said...

Yummy dinner! Glad all your ducks are lining up so you can head to Mazatlan. You might be the only ones in the park. I know Pat and Reg will go if they can but not till later in November. Janice will if she can get over the border. So many forced to stay home this year.

Carol and Bill said...

Sandy - making another to do list for the rest of the stuff we need to get done before heading out. Today we will call another friend in Mazatlan who is in the mayors office, will straight out ask him if it is a good idea to go there. So...
Marilyn - probably next year you can have all our rocks, this might be out last drive down there. getting up there in years. but we intend to enjoy this year.
Kathy - I know, I wonder if he'll even let us stay in the back if the whole park is almost empty. Going to be a different year. Papa John ended up flying down and renting an apartment to be with his family. Apartment is cheaper then campground. So he is happy.

Kathy Tycho said...

I knew Papa John had flown. I'd guess Felipe will let you stay wherever you want! We just plan to do what we've been doing here which is nothing..only in a warm climate. We're quiet people but I will miss the ladies, bingo, lunches and cards.