Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Lots going on

Been an interesting few days again. I've been keeping busy still making masks. And finishing the lion puzzle - the one in the header. It is my favorite so far. Took about four days to finish it. Each piece had from two to five colors on it.  Finished these masks a couple of days ago. My goal was to have enough masks we could wear them once - like you are supposed to - then put them in laundry and get a clean one for next outing. 

Bill has been working on a charging station for all of his drone equipment, batteries, tablets, etc. He is setting it up in the case he had left after the drone crash the other week. 
When not in use it closes up and takes up very little space. 
This is what he used last winter - it took up a quarter of the sofa! Big improvement. 
The sunrise Monday morning, not spectacular but colorful. Always starts the day out good. 

And from there the day went downhill. We had our - we thought - final doctor appointment with our primary doctor. Well we walked in feeling great and left feeling overwhelmed and horrid. He didn't like some of the findings on the tests we took. So had to have more lab work done - yes both of us. And waiting to get results. But he doesn't have time for an office appointment so he will let us know what is going on in a telemed conference. HUH? No idea how that will work out. Office girl told to me check my laptop for a camera??? [When I said I didn't think it had one, their answer was to go buy a new one!!!] She told me what to look for and luckily it has one. Scared myself silly when I pushed the right button and my face popped up on the screen. She is supposed to call sometime this week to walk me through setting up whatever program I need and to give us a time for the conference. Of course they bill just like an office visit! Thank goodness for insurance. 
Finally finished up all the masks I'd started. Making no more. Put sewing machine to bed until Spring. 
After the doctor's appointment we went to the WalMart we used to go to on the south west side of town. Little nicer area we thought. Had to get some more OTC meds for the trip. Almost everything we wanted was in locked cases. Had to find someone to unlock them - plural. That was a surprise. I asked why and he told me things were being stolen at an alarming rate. Stuff like allergy meds and vitamins??? 
Thinking about bringing the RV over here to the house one day this week to start loading some of the stuff in it. Just extra supplies for the winter. 
Then a few more trip related errands to run. 


Marla Terry said...

Wow busy busy! Hope your tests come out all good. Going to miss everyone this year as we prepare to hunker down for a cold Saskatchewan winter lol. You heading to Maz?

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Your masks are gorgeous!!!

Carol and Bill said...

Marla - we probably be leaving first week in November for Mexico. It will be a lot different this year. Will miss you guys.
Ruth - thank you. I had material and time so used some of it up.

Marla Terry said...

Safe travels, say hi to Maz for us💕.

Suz said...

I sure hope that Mexico will open its border to US land travelers by the time you want to go there this year.

Carol and Bill said...

Marla - will do. Will miss you guys this year. RV park will be almost empty...
Suz - We know several people who have already crossed where we cross.
No problems.