Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Busy work

 Kind of managing to keep busy. These are the masks I made a while ago that didn't feel good when wearing them. I used regular elastic for the ear loops and it was too stiff and uncomfortable. So Bill ordered me some of the soft round fuzzy elastic to redo them. Here they are will the old elastic cut off.  Well except for one.

Didn't take long to replace all of them. Now they are comfortable to wear. 
Monday was cold - but didn't get around to doing any cooking. Spent half the day waiting for the NASCAR race from Sunday to finish. It never did. 
In fact they didn't race yesterday either. Hopefully they will race this afternoon. But unfortunately the race is the same time as a soccer game we want to watch. So have the soccer game set up to record.
Yesterday was cold too so got out the makings for chicken empanadas. Made five or six dozen, forgot to count. I did the filling and Bill did the empanadas.
These are cooling down, getting to separate and freeze. Good snacks when traveling or stopping for a night.  Though I'm not real sure I like chicken ones - the ground chicken doesn't act like ground beef. It cooks into ugly clumps. Tastes okay though. 
Another puzzles from the same box, checked, they are made in China. This time I wore a mask but still got runny nose and sneezes. If I want to do another puzzle I'll take one from a new set and hope they don't bother me. 
This morning at 9:30 it was already warmer than it got on Monday and Tuesday.
Finished the smoothing/grinding of all the pieces of my new project. Next step is to put the copper foil on the pieces. Then it will have to wait until spring when I can set up in  the garage to do the background. 
The RV is still in the shop, waiting for some new tires. 

Finally Sunday's NASCAR race finished. And the driver I follow #18 won. It has been 34 races since he won last. I'm sure the neighbors wondered why I was screaming.


Ruth's Life is Good said...

Your empanadas sound great. I love making them with the Goya dough and the dough press you wrote about a couple of years ago. Sometimes the dough is difficult to find so if we are going to be traveling we take some along. Glad your driver won!!

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - I wish we could find the Goya dough, it is much better then what we used this time and it was from Argentina! I forgot we had the press...