Monday, October 19, 2020

Waiting game

 I tried this recipe in the air fryer. Didn't take pictures of my attempt - sure didn't look like their picture. They say to cut eggplant in 1" slices...well I cut it into about 3/4" slices and there is no way in heck you can roll up a 3/4" slice of cooked eggplant. It is just too thick. Before I go further though, it was very good when put together. I made a couple of changes used Italian flavored hummus and mozzarella cheese. Next time I'm going to cut the slices less than 1/2" thick. 

Just a picture from my walk yesterday. Liked the colors. 

Also another home really decorated for Halloween. 
This morning we went to the market, mainly just to get out and about and then to the pharmacy where we got our 2nd Shingles shot. We are now all done with shots - thank goodness. Also trying to get my prescriptions in order for our winter trip ... Hopefully they are all straightened out now.
We are still waiting to hear from our primary doctor with the results  of last weeks tests. Some of which might or might now put a damper on our plans to leave in a couple of weeks. 
There is also some concern about being able to drive into Mexico. We know of several people who have done it lately but just to check we got in touch of a friend in San Carlos and asked if any Americans in RVs had stopped at his campground lately. The answer was yes, of course. There is no problem on driving into Mexico. I finished another 500 piece puzzle. Very pretty and took some time.

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Mark said...

Fingers crossed that everything gets sorted out so that you can leave when you are planning too.