Friday, July 29, 2022

We had a real gullywhomper last night.

 We finally got rain last night. About one inch in less than an hour.  But before the rain lots and lots of cloud to cloud lightening. So much it almost looked like day light outside. And a couple of bangs of thunder that literally rocked the house and rattled the windows. Don't remember ever hearing thunder that loud and long. Turn up the sound, that is just wind blowing, no rain yet. (took the videos with my new phone)

The winds got so bad and the lightening nearer so went in the house. Took this one from inside. Now it is also raining. Really raining, sounded like some one was machine gunning the roof. The wind blew the chairs back about three feet. knocked over one planter and moved both rugs. 

Some damage around town, power out, streets flooded and trees down. One of the hotels on the strip had its parking garage flooded. People forget that the monsoons can cause a lot of problems. Especially if they also deluge over the mountains, all the water dropped on them comes right down to the valley. 
And we are supposed to have more of the same tonight. 
This morning sunrise. Up at 3:30...One really nice thing about the monsoon weather. 
Just one of the many puddles in the street.
Been working on my wall hangings. This is the fourth one. Still need batting, backing, edge binding and quilting. 
Decided I'd trim a couple of the trees. I need to learn how to use a glue gun with out burning my fingers and getting strings of glue all over.

Also finished another 500 piece puzzle. Again one where a lot of the pieces are cut exactly the same and fit where they don't belong.
Watching races today and still playing with getting my phone set up. Sure enjoying the cooler weather. 


Mark said...

Would love to be there and see the water rushing thru the parking lot at the Flamingo casino. Was there once to witness it. Was very cool.

Ruth's Life is Good said...

When we lived in Tucson Larry loved sitting on the back porch and watching the monsoons roll through. We lived in the foothills and had a terrific view. Thanks for posting the videos ❤️❤️

Contessa said...

We changed our phones the end fo June and they remain a constant source of stress for us.