Monday, June 5, 2023

Good sports weekend.

Kind of a good weekend. Last night's sunset.

I spent most of weekend sitting on couch watching NASCAR. And our hockey team - The Golden Knights. The hockey game was good. The Knights took a physical beating but won 5 to 2. First game in Cup playoffs.

Then my favorite NASCAR driver had a good race. Starting on pole and winning race. He and his son also won a couple of races on the near by dirt track.  

Needless to say, no walking. By 7 o'clock it is up to 80 already. Unless I start out by 5:30 it is too hot. I woke up this morning early but didn't get up. It is 10 o'clock now and already 93 on thermometer in the shade. Today might hit 100, but then it is cooling down for the next week into low 90's. Yes that is cool for here especially this time of year. 

I did manage to get out in the garage a couple of mornings before it was oven like out there and finished my sun catcher. No that line on the heart is not a crack, it is a defect in the glass. I actually made it when living in Indiana but it got broken in the move and it took me till now to fix it. Maybe we'll actually be home for Valentine's Day next year and I can put it up. 

Haven't been doing much. Our big outings are to grocery store, doctors and pharmacy. This month we have six doctors appointments!!! Crap we are getting old. But at least it gets us out of the house. And if he is okay we will stop to eat out. I've thought about just taking a drive some where, but Bill couldn't see anything after we got there so...Fixed dinner last night.Yes, that is news worthy. Very good. Salmon honey mustard crusted baked, garlic, herb potatoes oven crisped and mixed veges with lemon and Parmesan cheese on them. Going to maybe cook again tonight. Italian sausages with mixed vegetables oven baked. Recipe sounded easy and good.   

Our outside plants are doing pretty good. Most of them like the sunshine and heat. Back yard at patio. The geraniums had to be moved back from edge of patio, they were getting too much sun.  See the hummingbird feeder on the right. It is completely empty. The hummingbirds don't like it but the bats empty it in about three nights. But they leave the other ones alone. Go figure. 

The lantanas are blooming like crazy, all except the one in the middle for some reason it doesn't get as big as the others. 
Along side our neighbors fence. All blooms. 
And along the garage. The two bougainvillea are doing fine, but slow. The big bush on the right, an oleander, will have to be trimmed before the next "inspection" can't have any bush higher than roof line. No idea why, just is. 
Our front door is on the side of the house so this is our front/side yard. Full of plants. My favorite is the orange one. 
Such delicate flowers. And it booms all summer. 
One of the individual little flowers. 
The second shot Bill got in his eye didn't make as much improvement as the first one. So I hope the next one helps a little more. He is a little discouraged. This week he has had five good days in a row. Still has to take naps, but not sleeping the whole day. Hope this is the beginning of a lot of good days. 


gumo said...

Pride of Barbados is the bright plant. Also called Bird of Paradise. Loves the hot sun!
I always enjoy your blog entries and thank you for posting them. I live in Texas but I can still relate to your experiences and enjoy reading them. Thank you.

phxxer said...

In Arizona we call it Mexican Bird of Paradise to avoid confusion with the Hawaiian Bird of Paradise. I have one outside my kitchen window. Phil

Carol and Bill said...

Gumo and Phxxer - many thanks for the ID on the plant. Sure would not have thought to look under Bird of Paradise. It is one of my favorite plants in our yard. Ocotillo is my favorite.