Friday, November 10, 2023

Visit to Area 15 NOT 51

What a difference a year makes. Click here to see what we were doing in Mazatlan last year at this time. Today we were at an unscheduled appointment with Bill's retinal doctor.  He got his last shot two weeks ago and it stopped working within a week. The eye is really bad again. Every thing looks wavy and like it is undulating. Makes going up a curb hard. 

Fun news on Monday the community where we live had a bus trip to Area 15 here in Vegas. Since it was built I've wanted to go there. What a TRIP! Very hard to explain what it is. Lots of lights, color and movement. This is the outside of one of the buildings there. It is weird. Click here to look at the best web site that talks about Area 15 - or AKA Meow Wolf. Don't feel bad I don't understand it either and I've been here...

We got there before it opened so had to stand in line for a while. Lots to see outside of the building.  I thought I had a better picture of this. Very pretty with the sun coming through it. 
His little girl was sitting in it reflections. 
This container was right next to where we were standing. A rather small container. 
But a lot of people going in to it through these doors. Of course I had to go in. Amazing!!! I'm using my new Photoshop program to resize and edit these, Still looking for some of the old programs  edits.
Inside it is about 4 feet by 6 feet but at first it seems so much larger. Until you realize it is all mirrors. That is me at the far right. And more and more of me. 
Looking the other way. What an illusion. 
A title of a huge mirror tower like thing. 
Interesting looking. Just one of many, many things that makes you wonder...
Yes, that is part of an airplane in the center left. No idea. It is in the parking lot. Also no idea about the huge rusted metal thing. I see there is a sign, but didn't see it until I'm looking at this picture. Oh, sign says "Please do not climb"
This is a ride. The white part has a basket containing plush seats. It is part of a bar so drinks can go with the riders. It loads at ground level, of course, then SLOWLY goes way up. So it is just a viewing platform that moves up and down.
Some murals on the outsides of the buildings. 

This is the entrance, kind of blah...but inside!!!!!
He is wearing tennis shoes. Sign says "Cloned Bulldog with Petbottle"...This is a weird place. 
A commentary from one of their web pages. So true. Little did we know what we were going to experience. 
Weather is getting cooler, feels good. Got errands to run so will post this. Next time pictures from inside the building...


Doug and Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about the struggle with Bill's eye. Hopefully the drs will figure something out. Hugs.

Janet said...

Really interesting post! See they have several other locations. Give Bill a hug, hope they can sort out the eye issue.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - us too. He is really frustrated to say the least. It was doing so good for a while.
Janet - I guess there first place was Santa Fe - I can understand that. But where is Grapevine, TX? We hope for better doctoring with new doctor.