Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bill and his toys

Now is when it is delightful to live in Vegas. The weather is PERFECT! Low 80's during the day and high 60's at night,. Humidity is in the teens. Only two low 90 days in the future forecast. 
One of the sunrises over the wetlands this past week. 
 Walking out around the back yard. Our landscaping is doing great. So much pretty color in the flowers. And lots of butterflies. And yesterday I had to make more hummingbird nectar. They are going through it fast.  
 The jasmine by the garage door is growing like crazy.
 I continue to work on my window. Except now I'm at a standstill. Have as much done as I can do without the border glass. It is on order for me. I took this picture before I did any soldering. 
 Now that I don't have any work on the window and my sewing machine is still in for repair I'm not sure what to do. Maybe drag Bill around town trying to find interesting things to see. 
He is filling his spare time with his drones. Think he has enough of them? 
 Don't think he realized he was taking a picture of himself taking a picture.  He is reflected in the double mirror doors. 
This video has no picture, taken at night, but turn up your sound. The coyotes yipping and howling out in the Wetlands. They sounded pretty close. 


Payson48 said...

Hi! Love the header pic! I have 2 Orange Jubilee bushes in my back yard in Arizona!
So pretty and the hummers like them too! Enjoy reading your blog - you're very artistic!

Carol and Bill said...

thank you. I like the bushes because they bloom most of the summer and are so colorful.

Diana said...

I have been long time follower. Sending this out Monday morning while watching the terrible news from Las Vegas. Hoping you and all your loved ones are safe.