Monday, September 4, 2017

One of "Those Days"

It is only 12:30 and I feel like I've been run over by a truck. No I have not been that busy - just that dumb!
Yesterday we went to JoAnn's to buy the batting and backing material for the t-shirt quilt. Everyone and there uncles from around the area were there! I didn't realize that they were having a BIG sale. While I was looking at the yardage Bill was quick thinking enough to pull a number for the cutting table. I found some material I thought would really go on the quilt. A map of the world with kind of a light beige background. 
I'd measured before leaving home and even remembered to bring the little note with the measurements on it. I needed a little over 5 yards according to my calculations.  The material I picked didn't have very much on the bolt, but maybe there was just enough. 
So we stood for about 10 more minutes for our number to be called. There was just short of 5 yards - by a few inches. Hopefully I'd padded my calculations. It was the only material I saw that I liked so I took it. And it was on sale at 30% off plus a discount for end of bolt. Also got the batting for 60% off. 
Got it home, stitched it together and laid it out. 
It is laid out the wrong way,here on the floo the middle seam will go across the quilt, not up and down it. Didn't get enough material to lay it out that way. 
CRAP No matter how I laid it it was short.Another 8 or 10 inches and I'd of had enough. The width was fine, the length was about 7 inches too short. So I thought a while add decided to add sashing strips to the top and bottom of the backing. Same colors as on the quilt. Measured them out and put things away to watch NASCAR. #18 came in 2nd.
This morning I turned on the sewing machine, got out the strips then decided before I went any further it might be a good idea to make sure it fit the bed in the RV. So we went over there and laid it on the bed. Length of quilt was fine. Width could use a couple more inches. No problem. Got home cut strips for the width of the quilt. Sewed then on, sewed on the strips for the length. Spread out the backing on the floor. Put the quilt over it. I SCREAMED - poor Bill came running to see if I had come close to killing myself. Notice where I said "sewed the strips for  the length" on - notice I didn't say I picked up the backing. Yes, I sewed them on the quilt. NOW it was WAY too long to fit the backing...UGH! St down and ripped them off. But now I had another problem. I'd used up all my extra material for the side strips on the quilt. So what to do?  The backing material was several inches too wide - so decided to cut it off and sew it to top and bottom. It will have to work. Haven't checked it yet. Will do that later...
Here is the backing with its extra border. It now fits the quilt. 
Ane here is the quilt face - waiting to be pinned to be ready for quilting. Think I'll use basting spray as pinning it on the floor is hard. Keep getting the carpet in the pins. 
Tomorrow I'll probably start quilting it. 
Was looking out back a while ago and was surprised to notice how big some of our plants are getting. Sure looks better than when it was just rocks. 
Bill cooked dinner and is calling me to the table. Sure smells good. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

John and I each had brain fart moments last week as in stupid, embarassing moments!
I love that world map material!!!
We're off this morning!

Carol and Bill said...

have a good and safe trip.