Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Electronic gremlins are having fun with us.

After watching the news this afternoon our electronic problems are nothing. Another powerful earthquake in Mexico, this one near Mexico City. 7.1. Many, many people dead already. 44 multi story buildings have collapsed. One 4 story school is now only 1 story high. People are forming bucket brigades to remove the rubble from collapsed buildings. 
But back to us...Been cool enough out in the garage to work on the second window. I've got all the foreground glass [flowers, stem and leaves] rough cut. Next is grinding and fitting. That takes a while. 
Also started another sewing project. The fall place mats are finished, even have Scotch Guard on them. Just found out one of our grand sons got married over the weekend. Wedding present!
So starting a set of Christmas place mats.What I'm trying to do, besides keeping busy, is use up bits and pieces of material I have. 
Here are the centers of them. Today I put the borders on, cut the batting and backing and put the binding on with the sewing machine. Still have to hand finish the binding on two of them. Turned out kind of pretty. 
A few days ago our youngest son, who lives here in Vegas, called us wondering when his Dad was going to make more milanesa - he was craving some. I told him we had some in the freezer but to get it he had to help us ;) hook the DVD and surround sound up to our living room TV. He said okay and was here yesterday afternoon with the whole family. Wife and son. It turned out to be quite a project. The TV had to come off the wall. Glad he was here to do it. Now we have too much sound and can watch movies in the living room. 
You notice Bill and I aren't doing any work. 
Both of us were up early enough this morning to see the sunrise. Kind of pretty. 

Bill is feeling fine again. Hope he never gets another kidney stone - WOW.  
Since I got my sewing machine back from repair it has been giving me fits. Several things that I've never had problems with are now not working at all or causing problems when they do work. Finally had enough and will take it back to repair tomorrow. Wouldn't you know my 90 day warranty was up 3 days ago. 
Also made an appointment to take my PC into the Geek Squad. It is doing some really strange things. When it sits for a while it disconnects itself from the Internet and I have to restart computer to get it to work. It has also been making some really loud fan noises. Like it was trying to take off. 
After making the appointment with the Geek Squad I called Cox Internet to complain to them about the Internet cutting in and out.
Come to find out we need a new modem - the tech will be here tomorrow afternoon to replace it. Hum...maybe that what was wrong with my PC...Still going to take it in. 
And that has been our last couple of days. 


Dirk Digler said...

There he is! Bill is "learning" Glad you are feeling better Bill.

SandyM said...

Stay well, Bill, you have places to go very soon. Carol, you are very talented - stained glass window is off to a great start.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you