Thursday, September 7, 2017

Finishing up projects.

Wow! Look at this a few days with temperatures below 100. Bill is going to start looking for his long johns pretty soon. 
4:20 in the afternoon and just heard thunder, looked outside and it is raining. Hum...
Last night it cooled off some. We had a pretty good rain storm for a while - maybe 10 minutes - and then lots of thunder and lightening out over the desert. 
A sunrise a couple of mornings ago. One of the few lately that I've been up to see. 
 As I said starting to finish off a couple of projects. A small piece of stained glass I'm working on to go on my bathroom wall, next to the first window. It is 3-d with the butterflies wings standing up. It is not completed yet. Still needs patina and the center of the flower done. 
The last of the big project. Putting the binding on the t shirt quilt. I'd forgot how long it takes to go around a queen sized quilt. My poor finger has holes in it from pushing the needle through the material. I kept one of the sewing machine fabric pillows.  [I think I mentioned my SHORT hair cut.]
The quilt is done. Here it is laying out on our California King bed. So it should fit the queen nicely.  This is one of the most EXPENSIVE quilt I've ever made. When thinking about what all the t-shirts cost me. I know the Hard Rock ones were all between 25 and 30 dollars. I had them from London, Paris, Rome, Beijing, Acapulco, Hawaii, and  Niagara Falls.  Never got one from here in Vegas.  Nice memories in the shirts. 
A look at my sewing room when there are no projects. Even vacuumed all the threads off the floor. 

Been watching the weather channels most of today while sewing. What a mess. Feel so sorry for all the people in the way of the storm. One nice thing about southern Nevada - very few - except for heat - natural disasters problems. 
Today we expect another delivery of three Hello Fresh meals. So guess I'll have to cook a for a few days. I can't remember what they are so will be a surprise. 

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