Sunday, September 24, 2017

Logic and Luau

Been enjoying the cool weather. Highs in the high 70's lows in the 60's. Love it. Though I found Bill all wrapped up in his blanket earlier today. 
I saw this sign and thought OH YAH! I know a lot of people who need to shop here. 
Lets see...I have my computer back and it is running great. And the new modem for the Internet is working great. Two out of three isn't bad. Probably won't get my sewing machine back for a couple of weeks. 
So with nothing else to do and the cooler weather I've been busy in the garage with my window. Here it is with all the pieces ground, fitted and taped together waiting for solder. 
Caught a picture of Bill personalizing one of his drones. He bought a face for it. eyes and mouth. Toys, toys. 
And payback he got a picture of me in the garage soldering on the window,. See our matching haircuts!
Today was a good day for me, my hands were hardly shaking so I finished everything I needed to do before I start making the background. 
Yesterday the community had a Luau for everyone. Lots of food and entertainment. Male dancers for the ladies. 
And hula girls for the men. Everyone seemed to be having a good time. 
Even a whole little pig. Only the face was left when I took this. 
Today we went out early to breakfast and to the market. Then cooled a roast, potatoes and carrots for early dinner. Finally cool enough to use the oven. 
Then I watched my favorite NASCAR driver #18 M&Ms car, Kyle Busch win the race in New Hampshire. YES!!!

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