Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Day of repairs.

Check out this wonderful weather. High of 79! My kind of weather. It might be cool enough to cook a roast this weekend,

Up early again, a lot of time to work in the garage on my window. Got almost half of the glass pieces ground and shaped. 
Spent the rest of the morning on errands. My sewing machine is on its way to be repaired. Needs a new "card" for all it's buttons. More money.
Then to Best Buy to drop of my PC. Will get it back on Saturday. Hope all the little Gremlins are caught and eliminated. So will be using the laptop for a few days.
Then waited at home for the Cox Internet technician. He was right on time. Needed a new modem. And of course they don't carry the kind we had, so had to get a new "upgraded" one. Of course, at $5 more a month. It better not give us any trouble. 
While waiting for him I worked on finishing my Christmas place mats. When I get the sewing machined back I'll do some kind of quilting on them. 
Been watching the news from Mexico and Puerto Rico. What disasters. Over 400 dead in Mexico City already. 

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