Sunday, September 17, 2017

I spoke too soon, Bill still in pain.

I've been up since 2:00a.m. Bill got up then and I got up with him. Spoke too soon when I said the kidney stone had passed. It for sure hasn't. We went to emergency on Friday night,. Where he was diagnosed and given pain pills. Had a bad night. Saturday morning he felt fine. Thought it was over with. We went out and ran errands even. But by Saturday late afternoon he could barely move it hurt so much. Of course he'd quit taking the pain pills earlier in the day, cause they upset his stomach. Bad move. So as I write this Sunday evening he is laying down trying to get some relief. Also back on the pills, but only has a few left as the hospital doctor thought it would pass by now. Nope! So tomorrow will try to get into see our regular doctor - or back to emergency. 
We got three meals again this week. This was one of them. Duck with a good sauce, asparagus with tomatoes and fingerling potatoes. Very, very good. 
 We've had tow more since that one. Also very good. Tonight we had chicken breasts with mushroom, sour cream gravy on Couscous and salad. Last night steak and mixed green salad with braised nectarine and pecans. Just the right amount of food and a good variety. Pleased with it. But am skipping next week. Have to use stuff out of freezer. 
This morning's sunrise. I meant to go out later to see how it turned out but got busy sewing and forgot. 
 I finished my fall place mats. Now who to give them to? See the pumpkin quilting on the larger part of the mat. That was fun. 
 Also did a little work on the new window today. Mostly just trying to find the glass I needed. Think I'm going to have to buy a couple of pieces. I already bought the blue background and the border is on order. But I ran out of the brown I use for the flower centers. And might not have enough green for the leaves. 
 This is kind of what it will look like when done. The colors are not true but close enough to get the idea. This is just the pattern with close to the colors added. 
Ordered some Scotch Guard spray for the place mats and the new RV quilt. Hope it works to keep them clean. I couldn't find any in WalMart so ordered it from Amazon, also ordered a ceiling fan duster. Looked up the other day - UGH!
At least the weather has cooled down some. No more 100+ days I hope. And the nights are getting cooler too. 
I think I'm going to have to take this PC in to the Geek Squad this week. It is doing some really weird things. It made a really noise yesterday. Thought it was trying to take off. And it keeps disconnecting itself from the Internet. Just lots of little annoying things. 
That's All Folks!


SandyM said...

Dinner looks delicious!

Carol and Bill said...

they have all been good so far. and easy to fix and things I wouldn't usually fix.

Mark said...

Tell Bill to hang tough, I know how much it hurts. I have had and still have that same issue. It's a bugger.... It will pass, pun intended...

Carol and Bill said...

I guess he is lucky that he didn't have any his first 81 years!

Grandma on the Road said...

I hope he is drinking lots and lots of water--several glasses per day, at least. That and pain pills is about all you can do. I speak from experience passing stones about every couple of years for over 40 years. I assume doctor did a cat scan and knows how big it/they are so he knows it is passable and that he has only one stone.

Carol and Bill said...

they did a cat scan - 3mm and only one. today he feels pretty good. so hopefully it is GONE