Sunday, June 10, 2018

Look who is out front

We have spent part of the day cleaning and semi-loading the RV. Sure needed the cleaning. Not putting to many things in it as we will only be gone a week or so. And I don't plan on doing any cooking.
the purple and gold really show up with the sun on them. 
I see Blogger is making changes again. Don't know how they will impact this blog. Guess we'll find out in a day or two. Why don't they just leave things alone.
Tomorrows blog should be from the Space Station RV park in Beatty, NV.


Marilyn said...

Where are you two gad abouts off to now?

Carol and Bill said...

just a short trip.

Marilyn said...

Bill wants to know if there are any rocks where you are going.....and if so can you get him a couple!