Friday, June 1, 2018

June 1st. Already?

How is it June already? Where did Spring go? 
Bill only has one more check up for his eyes in about three weeks. He says he spends a lot of time looking for his glasses - which he now doesn't need. Habits are hard to break. He bought some 1.75 readers for his computer and nook, but otherwise doesn't need any thing else. He does need sun glasses now though - dark ones. Even the TV seems extra bright to him. 
I went to my doctors appointment yesterday morning at 10:00 and discovered that somehow it got canceled. About had a hissy fit. This was the appointment for results on all tests I had beginning [I NEVER spell beginning right!] of last month. They did manage to reschedule it for afternoon. Results? - nothing! No problems with anything checked. I know I'm not nuts, something is bothering me. So on to another doctor  Gastroenterology. Have to call and make appointment. I am not sick, I have no pain, but have much discomfort in my side. 
Our Golden Knights lost their last game here at home and are now in Washington D C with the series tied. The Capitols tend to lose at home. They are a fast and rough team. 
I felt like cooking the other night and fixed chicken breasts with a fajaita spice rub, noodles with garlic and oil and broccoli with a caramelized onion and pepper topper. It looked pretty and was yummy. Bill took a picture of itl
 I keep checking the Hello Fresh web site for meals that we would like.
As it was fun to do that. So far though I haven't liked the menus enough to order a weeks worth. 

I continue to sew. Making another Christmas quilt. Have all the blocks done and actually since this picture have some of the sashing done. This one has a variety of Christmas material in it. 
We are sure into summer - a whole week of 100+ is coming up. Ugh - Bill is happy. I love my little Arctic Fan. Sure works good but really goes through water fast. Of course humidity here in Vegas is usually only 8 - 11%.
I haven't been up early enough for sunrises, Bill took this picture yesterday. Need more clouds for it to be really pretty. 
Today will have lots of NASCAR on TV - so I'll work on quilt while watching. And the soccer World Cup starts the 14th - so that will keep us amused for awhile. If we have three or four days without high winds maybe we'll take a short trip in the RV to one of the ghost towns not far from here. 
That's all folks. 


SandyM said...

Your dinner sure looks yummy and your quilts from baby to Christmas are beautiful. Love the pictures of you stomping one pillow and hugging the other!

Carol and Bill said...

I really "get into" the racing. Thank you for comment on the quilts. I enjoy the sewing.

Unknown said... They make extra dark black sunglasses lenses, also brown, green and blue, with or without prescription. Made in Thailand.

Unknown said...

PS they have BOGO Buy One Get One free.

Carol and Bill said...

I'll let Bill know - I think he'll eventually need them with bifocals. But won't find out for about a month. Thanks