Thursday, June 14, 2018

Out and about around Beatty, NV

After we left Rhyolite the other evening we ventured out in to the desert to visit the Bullfrog-Rhyolite Cemetery. I had met an older long time resident at the RV park who told me how to find it. He also told me there weren't many headstones left as an unknown person or persons showed up there with a U-Haul and stole most of them.
This is the road, looks like it goes on forever.
 A monument put up by the people of the area. 
The plaque on the monument.
It is hard to read but this is what it says. 
1904 - 1912
This endearing bronze is placed here to the blessed memory of those who sleep herein and to the remembrance of all others who came this way and opened up this great Nevada desert mining world.
By those who cared.    April 1959.
Most of the graves were just marked with a ring of rocks. 
Several were enclosed with metal fencing. This one still has its stone. The few that had writing - the people died from 1902 -08. Didn't manage to keep my shadow out of this one.

The upper part of the head stone is missing.  
No writing on any of the wooden markers.  
Strange to read this in the middle of the desert.  
The front of that monument. I see an anchor on it.
Bill and Willie waiting patiently for me to return.  
Back into town. Not the original building, but on the same piece of ground since 1906.
Then we stopped for breakfast at Mel's Diner. Very good food. Met a couple from town and had breakfast with them. Told us a lot about town and the people. 
Food and service is very good.

One of the many pieces of art around town. It is in the little park with the old clock at the front of it. Beatty has a population of around 1000, it has three RV parks and the requisite Casino. Also the Candy and Nut shop.  It used to have a couple of brothels but they have closed. This is all that is left of one of them - Angie's Ladies the sign says. Guess it had an air strip for easy access. 
There is one a ways out of town but it now calls itself "The Shady Ladies Bed and Breakfast."  Again I missed the sign. 
Another couple of pieces of art. I could never get a good shot of the tin man sitting down behind the horse.  
A couple of neat buildings. Don't know if they are old or new made to look old. One is a restaurant the other a Saloon.  
We made a stop at the museum. Free admission and very nice inside. And they are in the process of expansion.  

Bill looks so different without his glasses and when he isn't wearing his hat. 
Whisky making equipment. Important things for a mining town. 
Never seen a bellows this big before, from the blacksmith shop. 

Mock up of homes of the area. All donated items. 

I'm glad I live now, not then.  

Can't read this but thought it was interesting. Some history of the town can be found here.
Lots of history in the museum. Well worth a visit. 
I'm writing this Wednesday evening and we are experiencing a strange phenomenon. Our satellite TV keeps going out. Then it has to search for the signal again. It has never done this before, there are no clouds in the sky, nothing has moved enough to lose the signal. Hum...are "they" still tracking Bill?
Tomorrow going to visit Goldfield - a "living" ghost town  

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