Monday, May 28, 2018

Sunday was a great day

I've managed to finish both quilts. All hand work and labels done on them. The one for the baby girl due in July. Sure is nice to have the machine working great. 
I've already started on another Christmas sofa quilt for another son and daughter-in-law. This one will have all kinds of colors in it. 
Sunday morning we started out for breakfast but the restaurant was packed. Couldn't even find a parking place. So on to some shopping. Went to Lowe's to get some 100 watt daylight bulbs for the sewing room. Really need the light, even with the blinds open. Also a fire extinguisher for the house. We have them in both cars and the RV but didn't have one in the house. Do now. Also went to JoAnn's to get the material needed for the quilt.
Then on home to watch the Charlotte 600 mile NASCAR race. I enjoyed every minute of it. #18 had the pole, lead 377 of the 400 laps and won the race. Bill put the pillow under my feet so I would quit banging them on the floor while watching the end of the race. Also gave me the pillow to hug to keep my hands and arms still. I really get into the races. 

Kyle has won a major race at every single track the NASCAR Cup cars run at. Only driver to ever do that. He'd never won a points race in a cup car at Charlotte. 
A kind of nice sunset Sunday night. Big black clouds showed up but no rain. 
Stayed home today. Just to many people in town to go anywhere. Now we're watching the Golden Knights hockey game - it is between periods right now. Tied at 2 to 2 end of first period. Go Knights. Two doctor appointments this week. Last post op for Bill's eyes and I have to find out how all the tests turned out. Such fun. 


Mari Borrego said...

Quilt is beautiful. Been thinking about you since I have been invited to attend the INDY event in Dallas next weekend and I have no clue on this sport at all. Though looking forward to it. Glad Bill's surgery went well. Keeping him in prayer for a speedy recovery.

Carol and Bill said...

hope you enjoy the Indy cars - very fast and loud. Bill is enjoy his new view on life.