Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blue skies

Yesterday morning started out gray and damp, but ended up sunny and beautiful. Perfect temperature - high 70's. Today is clear and will be warmer.
This morning we have a trip to the DMV to get both cars registered here in Nevada. Aren't we lucky? But we do have an apportionment and I've filled out most of the paper work from the on line forms. Because the cars were registered here before we don't have to take both of them to get the vin numbers checked. Yeah. Will let you know how it goes.
The other day I bought a box of assorted puzzles. It has four 100-piece puzzles. As I take them out of their tiny bags I always separate the pieces that are stuck together. Who else does that? It sure doesn't take long to do one.  Here is the one I did. Next to my cell phone. Tiny right?  Ended up with one hole and one piece that didn't fit it. So spent quite a bit of time looking for the right piece that I had put some where else. Finally found it - sure looked like it went there and fit fine.
Just a couple of before and after pictures. Our "front" yard this time last year. 
This year with it pretty flowers.
Our back yard last year. Nothing but rocks and the pine trees. 
This year. Our bushes, flowers and Palo Verde tree. Looks prettier than the picture. 
Well looks like our summer plans are changing and just after I made the last reservation. Went to the cardiologist yesterday and he kind of threw a monkey wrench in summer. Nothing bad, but preventative. Bill is scheduled for three tests, two beginning of June and one in July and then doctors appointment first of August. They are mainly to make sure all the replaced plumbing is still fine. 
GRRRRR - went to DMV. Appointment was for 10:30, they called us at 10:30. We were leaving building at 10:37 with one car registered. Like a big dummy I forgot the current registration for Jeep. So only Mustang is registered. Tomorrow we have appointment for 11:00 - have all paper work now. 
Also called Direct TV and got new instructions for returning the unopened new receiver - will do that tomorrow too. Cancelled our Indiana car insurance - able to do that all on line. E-mailing forms back and forth. And it is not even noon yet!
Golden Knights lost bad last night. So series is tied 2 to 2. Next game is here in Vegas Friday night. 

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