Friday, May 18, 2018

Beautiful weather here

We have had an almost perfect week of weather. Mostly high 80's some low 90's. Even had a couple of days without wind. And some with 390 mph wind.
The landscapers returned to take the stump out. While here they showed Bill how the tree was starting to die and dry up for the inside out. One of the reasons it was shedding so many needles. They also trimmed the two other pine trees and the palm tree. One the palm tree you can now see where the black outer bark ends. Before we bought the house the palm tree had a fire that burned all the way up the trunk but didn't kill the tree. So we have the only black palm tree in town. 
 We knew they were going to trim the trees but were a little surprised how much they trimmed them. The tree on the right really needed it because several of the branches had been burned in the fire. And we wanted the one on the left to be trimmed some above our new Palo Verde tree. But they really got trimmed. The lower branches were touching the Palo Verde.  
Bill had made a batch of crepes earlier in the week  so on Wednesday he decided to use some of them and make canelone for dinner. He used the left over empanada mix and some red sauce we had in the freezer. Very, very good. Notice he doesn't have glasses on. 

Saw the eye surgeon on Tuesday and the eye is healing great. His vision in that eye is now 20/25. And the getting dizzy from the two different eyes is fairly normal. Next week he is getting the other eye done. The doctor told him to get get some cheap readers for close work. 
While outside taking pictures of the trees this guy was buzzing me as I was right under the feeder. They can be aggressive. 
 Didn't waste any time when I moved. 
Been working on the quilt during the week. It is all done except for the hand work putting the finishing touches on the binding. Planned on doing that while watching NASCAR, but it is raining in North Carolina so no NASCAR - yet. Maybe I'll end up finishing it during the Golden Knights game tonight. Hope they win.
And that is our exciting life here in Sin City. 

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Doug and Nancy said...

I miss you guys so much!!! The quilt is gorgeous. Even though it is Christmas themed, it reminds me of he Canadian flag, red & white!!!