Sunday, May 6, 2018

SUMMER is here

Yep, summer has arrived early. Next few days will be 100+, then back down again. We don't have much planned where we'll have to be outside. Except going back and forth to eye doctor.
So I've let another couple of days slip by - mostly 'cause I've had nothing interesting to write about.
We went back to the DMV on Friday [we were there Thursday and registered Mustang]. When we got home I managed to snag the ONLY appointment left for Friday. Again in and out quickly. Got there a few minutes before appointment. Registered and were called to desk in about five minutes. So now Jeep is legal in Nevada too. We are waiting for our personalized plate to come. But not driving Jeep now anyway.
Also managed to get a hold of Direct TV and got different instructions to send back the new unboxed receiver. So that is done too.
We stopped by our favorite Denny's to have breakfast and discovered they were closed for remodeling. Anyway we hope it is just remodeling, workers weren't sure. Just knew they were stripping the inside. 
No exciting cooking or errands. [in those five words I made three mistakes, for some reason my typing is getting worse and worse. Don't know if it is the hand shaking or the crooked fingers. I used to never make mistakes.]  No pictures of anything. 
We have been watching the Golden Knights hockey and some NASCAR. Today will be the special El Classico soccer game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. Should be good. Barcelona has not lost a game yet this season, so I'm sure Real would love to break that record. Also there is a good NASCAR race on the same time as the soccer game. I'll be running back and forth watching both. With all the commercials in the race, I'll be able to see a lot of the soccer game. And later this afternoon the Golden Knights play in San Jose. Hope they can win this one and end the series. GO KNIGHTS!!!
Also might make a big batch of empanadas. I've got all the ingredients, just need the get up and go. 
Bill's first eye surgery is scheduled for tomorrow right during the hottest part of the day of course, then he has a check appointment on Tuesday. [supposed to be 103 that day.] I'll have to drive - going to bring a barf bag with us. I get nervous driving with him in the car - weird.
Last night Bill got a severe pain in his lower right back. Bad enough he contemplated going to emergency. We are guessing it is kidney stones again. By this morning he decided to tough it out and get the eye surgery done. Hope that is not a bad decision. Today lots of water for him and over the counter pain reliever. 
Did another puzzle this time a 500 piece, took me a little longer. I enjoy doing them. When I finish one I take it completely apart, bag it up and take them to the rec room in the club house. They are picked up quickly. 
Also read a book I didn't enjoy. But I finished it 'cause I paid 14 dollars for the e-book. I like the author's other book but this one was way too long and way above my intellect. Lots of references to obscure poets, writers, painters and lots of Italian language. Who was the author trying to impress...The story was actually good and it could have been an enjoyable read. 
Don't know if I mentioned, but Bill saw the cardiologist this past week - and has some preventive test scheduled for June, July and August - so there goes our summer plans. Called and cancelled all our reservations. 
So that is it for today. Will let you know how he is doing as days progress.


Jackie McGuinness said...

Fingers crossed for Bill and you for driving!!!

Have you ever tried using the library for your books? It saves us a bundle.

Carol and Bill said...

usually I just read the really cheap or free ones. forgot I have access to the library here. don't mind spending the money for favorite authors.

Paul said...

Is your cell still the same number? Left a Voice mail saying hi last week.

Contessa said...

Hope the eye surgery went well and that Bill is feeling better overall.

Carol and Bill said...

so far so good thanks for checking