Monday, May 21, 2018

Another sports weekend.and a little drone flying.

Today we are having a cloudy overcast sky with a chance of rain, maybe a thunder storm or two. We need the rain. It is even snowing up on the  tip top of the mountain.
GO GOLDEN KNIGHTS - Western Conference winners. Just four more wins and the Stanley Cup will be theirs. Have to wait to see who they will play. Barcelona soccer team won their league title, but did not finish the season without a loss. They loss the 2nd to last game to a team they should have beat 7 to 0! Oh well.
And of course Harvick with his super fast car won the All Star race and a million dollars. #18 got caught up in a wreck in the last 10 laps, but his car wasn't good enough to win anyway. So you can tell what we've been doing the last few days. 
I finished my Christmas quilt.

When I went to make the label for both the quilts I discovered my old laptop - running windows XP - was not working. Last I used it was before we went to Mexico. I use it only for the embroidery program for my sewing machine. Tried everything - no go. Also discovered none of the browsers worked any more - no one still supports XP. So got out another lap top that I saved when I got my new one, it runs Windows 7.  Loaded the program disks and discovered they won't work with W7. It is a very old program got the sewing machine somewhere around 2003. After much checking on line I thought my only recourse was to buy a new program, but most of the new ones will not work with my sewing machine. I did find ...
WOW! THUNDER! About jumped out of my chair. No rain here though.
...a web site that send me instructions on how to load my old program in a W7 computer. So will try that and hope it works. 
Catching this up and doing laundry now. 
Remember the weird plant I bought in Mexico and smuggled home. It is doing great. Loves the weather here. 
This is from when I bought it. 
Yesterday Bill was in another cooking mood. He made more milanese. 
Here it is soaking in a marinade - no idea what is in it. He lets it soak for a couple of hours. 
Then breads it all at once. 
Then cooks it. This is just one tray. He makes a lot so we can freeze it - and give some to our son. It is good for dinner or sandwiches.
He took this out in front of our house. It is about 5 minutes but it is a 360 view of the whole Las Vegas Valley.  It starts out in front of our house looking west, moves to the south, then east then on around to the west again where he took it up to 400 feet and you can see both the strip and downtown Las Vegas. If you can watch it full screen. He was trying out a new filter on the camera.


Mark said...

The Milanese looks Yummy..... Go Golden Knights....

Jackie McGuinness said...

Go Knights!!
Great video but odd seeing Bill without his glasses.

Carol and Bill said...

It is very good - especially for sandwiches. Maybe we'll bring a batch to Mexico with us.

Carol and Bill said...

It is going to take a while getting used to him without glasses.