Friday, May 11, 2018

Sewing and cooking.

We didn't do any thing to write about yesterday. Just went to JoAnn's to get my material and then to Sprouts to look around. The rest of the day was too hot to venture outside. 
We did have kind of a pretty sunset though.
 Today on the other hand has been busy at least so far. I've started working on my Christmas quilt while watching NASCAR practice and qualifying on TV. This is one of 14 blocks. Right now I am planning on using 7 different materials. We'll see how I like it - might add more color with yet more material.  
 Lots of pieces waiting to be sewn together. Two blocks of each color. 
But first thing this morning before starting to sew I made the filling for our empanadas. Ground beef, ground Italian sausage, roasted peppers, corn, olives, hard boiled eggs and various spices. Used some from our garden. 
 Later in the day we put the filling in the pre-made dough circles and baked them. Made six dozen and still have some filling left so guess we'll make a trip to the other side of town to the Argentine market to get more packages of dough. Several dozen are already in the freezer. Good snacks. 
It is funny but I'm having a hard time getting used to seeing Bill without glasses. He has been wearing glasses since 1980! He looks so different. He is really pleased with the eye surgery so far. Can't wait to get the other eye done. Then I guess he will have to get a new prescription for just close work. 
That is all so far today. Tomorrow is a Golden Knights game AND a NASCAR race, of course, both at the same time. 


Mari Borrego said...

Carol, those empanadas looks delish. My coworkers made some and shared with me and they are amazing. Though all that breading and grease made me sick...go figure. Enjoy your weekend. Say Hi to Bill.

Carol and Bill said... grease in these. The dough is the same as pie crust so it isn't heavy.
Bill just had cataract surgery in one eye, so he is enjoying his new sight. Other eye at the end of the month.