Monday, May 14, 2018

Hanging around home.

Not to much to write about today. 
The tree cutters came and took down this big pine tree in our back yard this morning. 
 They did a very neat job, nothing was damaged, not even our little flowers along the back patio.
 They left for lunch, just the trunk and lots of branches in the yard left to take care of.
 Lots of branches and pine cones to pick up. 
 All that is left from today, they are coming back to take the stump out and pick up all the pine cones and saw dust. Maybe we need to put another bush in here now. 
One of the lantanas out back next to the patio, it sure has a lot of flowers. I like the two color ones. 
 My little cactus out front is almost ready to open it's flower. Need to keep checking on it. 
 Walked up to the post box. I know we are a community of old folks, but really? I think we can figure out this is water without the sign. 
Spent a good part of the day working on the quilt. It is to the point where I need to buy the batting and backing to finish it. 
 Not a good picture but this is what it is for. Just color for Christmas. The quilt on the bed is the same pattern different layout. 
Tomorrow Bill has an eye doctor appointment in the afternoon. His eyes are different enough he doesn't feel he can drive. So we should have an interesting trip over there and back. Hope doc has some suggestion for him. 


Teaspoon said...

why did the tree have to go?

Carol and Bill said...

The tree was diseased and drying up. Several trees in the community we live in are being removed before they cause any damage. The owners of the park are being proactive.

Barb said...

That's too bad. Such a beautiful tree!