Friday, May 25, 2018

He can see!

Very quick and short post.
Bill's surgery on second eye yesterday went great. Went back today for post op check up and he is doing fine. He keeps commenting on how different things look now. Wishes he had done it sooner. Stopped at 99 cent store so he could pick up reading glasses for the computer and his Nook. He also got some sun glasses with a 1.75 bifocal in them. So for now he is set. Will have to continue using eye drops for another three weeks in 2nd eye and one more week in first eye.
I have my embroidery machine running as I write this. Making a label for the Christmas quilt. For those of you who have never seen an embroidery machine working here is a very short video of it.
And that is it for today. Tomorrow is soccer and racing. I'll sew the labels on while watching.


Mark said...

I'm very glad that the eye surgery went well. That machine is cool.

Carol and Bill said...

just think this year when we are going some place he will be able to see where he is going.

Barb said...

where did you get the bifocal sunglasses?