Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Hottest day of the year so far

It is supposed to set a new record for this date. Old record was 100 - going to be 103 today. Aren't we lucky. BUT - Saturday and Sunday will be in low to mid 80's. At least it stays cool in the house and car.
This morning we went out to our newly remodeled Denny's for breakfast. It looks nice in there and there aren't any springs missing in the seats.
Then on to WalMart - all before it got too hot.
Yesterday afternoon we went to his first post-op appointment. He drove there. Then asked the doctor when he could start driving. Thank goodness the doctor said when ever he felt like it. According to the doctor he can now pass the DMV sight test without his glasses. First time in over 40 years! Doctor also suggested he just take out the lens for his "new" eye in his glasses. He still needs the glasses for the other eye, but with the cataracts gone and new lens things look blurry through the glasses. Of course he drove home too.
While walking around shopping he handed me the keys to the car. Said he was getting dizzy with one fuzzy and one clear eye. So I did drive home. No barf bag needed. He says he just keeps his eyes on the horizon to avoid car sickness. 
Right after we got home the lens came out of the glasses. Dizziness went away. Watched a soccer game on TV and with the half glasses it didn't bother him. [Barcelona won, only two more games of the season and they haven't lost in La Liga yet this year.] He goes back to the doctor for another check up in a week, then in two weeks gets the other eye done. If he doesn't still need glasses for distance he will sure look different.
Oh, before I forget - the nasty little kidney stone passed before he had to go to the eye doctor on Monday. Thank goodness. 
Stopped to get gas - every time we pass the station the price has gone up again. Up to $3.30 in some stations. While he was putting the gas in I got out and took a couple of pictures of the new metal sculptures the station maintenance man makes and puts out on the corner. Always fun to see a new one. This one has been up a couple of weeks. 
 This has been there for a while but I never got a decent picture of it. Odd pieces of metal and bed springs. 
 This one showed up last week. 
I think he sells them, as there was one like this a year ago. Then one day it was gone.
Made paella for dinner last night, have enough left for tonight. Tomorrow I'll make the empanadas as I defrosted the ground beef and better use it. 
Got out some of the Christmas material I bought in Mazatlan and started on a Christmas quilt. Just a small one, for end of bed or over couch back. 

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