Saturday, August 18, 2018

Doesn't take much to entertain us.

We actually had a day under 100 - my first thought was boy it is cooler out maybe I'll fix that roast in the freezer. Then more sane thoughts took over. 99 isn't cool!
According to the news this has been the  worst monsoon season since 1989 especially for destructive winds. Hopefully only a month to go before it stops. 
Heard some engines rumbling out front and look what I saw. Another new house coming in. You can see the other half of it waiting down the street. That makes four in the last year on our short eight house block. I like the back of his truck. These guys make this look so easy!
One half in. To the right is the house that came in a week or so ago. 
Had to drive up over the corner of the yard to make this turn up our street.
Hello there, are you coming in? He even managed to stay off the curb. 
In it goes. Notice the gray skies. We didn't get but a very few drops of rain but some of the valley got pounded. 
That evening, the sun reflecting off the clouds out over the desert east of us. 
Boy I finally managed to up in time to see the sunrise. Not spectacular but nice. 
The house on the left end got put in last year. Already has someone living in it as does the one right next door to us [not in this picture] The house on the right was brought over last week. They have been working on it full time. 
Oh my gosh, another new one coming in, just down the street from us. Where our street turns west. Notice the blue dumpster in the house next to it. That house is empty, owner to assisted living a couple of months ago. So guess they are cleaning it out to get ready to sell or...
Lots of trucks out front. This one is double parked. Workers on both houses.
Notice anything about all of these houses? They are basically the same color except for the porch size and color of the trim. Talk about cookie cutters. And their back and side yards are about 4 feet wide!!

This is one one right next to us, It has people living in it we think. See a car there off and on. Same color, same porch.
This is why we keep the Jeep in the back. The driveway isn't long enough to park facing the garage, so we have to pull in sideways to stay off the street.
How I'm keeping occupied during this hot spell. Bought a box of 12 different sized puzzles. From 150 pieces to 500 pieces. This is a 500 - it was a challenge but fun. 
Also today was the first soccer game of the Spanish league season and the Bristol NASCAR race. Easier to stay inside under the fans when it is 109.


Grandma on the Road said...

Why do so many things come in beige?? If it were me, I'd be out with my paint brush painting something red or blue or something other than beige! Judy

SandyM said...

Goodness, watching those houses being put into place would keep us entertained! Nice sunrise.

Carol and Bill said...

the street in front of us is full of workers trucks again today, they are working on all three of the new homes.

Carol and Bill said...

Unfortunately there are restrictions on what colors we can paint our homes here. So eventually we will all look alike. We have one ugly blue home on our block. And two pale yellow. One of the reasons we like Mexico so much are the colors.