Friday, April 5, 2019

On line ordering and DMV

Our plants are really starting to show life so Bill got the moth balls out and scattered them around. When this guy showed up he stayed in the middle of the yard - got no where near the nice juicy new plants.
 Did a couple of errands this morning. One was to Lowe's - he is looking for something so he can add/do something to/for his charging station. I don't even ask any more.
 When we got home I was looking at my rooster. It sure was fun to do. I'd like to make something else, but really don't have room to hang anything. But they do have a neat smaller hen...
 Here he is working on what ever he got at Lowe's. My poor car hasn't even been out of the garage yet. This year it needs new tires. They probably only have 20,000 miles on them but they are almost 20 years old. I bought them when I was still working!
YES! We finished painting the shed. Now it matches the house. Still have to do a few touch ups, but that is going to wait until tomorrow.
And we took the artificial flowers out of the window boxes so now we have empty window boxes. Maybe after the inspection I'll sneak some new ones in. Our old ones looked pretty ratty after the winter of rain and wind here. 
Got my laptop back from Geek Squad, works great now. But I still have to load one program back in it. I forgot that the newer program I have the disk to is an upgrade and I gave the original older version disk to someone sometime in the past. So I had to order the old version original disk so I can load the new one. Make sense. Anyway it was supposed to be here yesterday, still don't have it. Grrr...
BUT I got my Bissell Crosswave - it is a vacuum and floor and area rug  scrubber. Can't wait to try it. I just don't like getting on my hands and knees to do anything any more. Tomorrow will try it on our RV area rugs. Hope it works like they advertise. It wasn't supposed to be delivered until Monday. 
And I got my new debt ATM card, the old one didn't want to work half the time. Came quick and expiration date has been extended. Another check off the list.
We brought the RV home from the dealer. The sensor for the fresh water tank was replaced - I hope glued in - so we no longer have a leak. Then Bill took it to get smogged and the place was closed. We'd checked with him a couple of days ago and he said Friday was a good day to bring the RV as it was a slow day. Sure was so slow he was closed. Need to get that done so we can pay the registration. Every stinkin year it has to be done. Also noticed we both have to renew our driver's licences this year too. We can do all the vehicles on line. Wonder if we can do our licenses that way too. Probably not at our ages. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

The rooster is fabulous! Same problem here, running out of wall space.
All these administrivia jobs take up so much time.
John is as bad as Bill for shopping Amazon Prime!

Carol and Bill said...

I think that amazon stock fell during the winter when he couldn't order anything!

Contessa said...

You are always so busy, you remind me of me but I think that you are having far more fun that I am.

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