Thursday, April 11, 2019

UFO, Microsoft, and Wind. Oh MY!

Wind is an understatement more like hurricane. Gusts over 65mph. So much dust in the air we couldn't see the mountains behind us. In some place visibility was only 1/4 mile. Glad we are home and RV is parked. By Wednesday night it is supposed to calm down a little for a couple of days. 

And we had an UFO in our back yard. At least it was there yesterday but it is gone now. 
We did get in a trip to WalMart to pick up a few things. Yep there are our bags - remembered them when we got back to the car with our purchases
I did remember to look to see if the skorts I like were in stock. Got lucky the clerk was just hanging them up. So got a black and white one and a washed denim one. They are so comfortable. They are Lee Riders Midrise Skort. They have mesh shorts underneath and a wide smooth elastic waist band. $17.00 The only problem is to look nice they have to be ironed after washing.
CRAP - this is an expensive month smogging three vehicles, registering all of them and of course insurance is also due. Nevada is very expensive where vehicles are concerned. Also have to get a new battery for the convertible so we can get it running so we can get it smogged so we can park it in the garage if we go somewhere this summer. 
Fooling around with Google Maps I discovered something that is kind of creepy to me anyway. Google maps has been tracking and keeping a record of everywhere we've gone for several year. It tracked our trips back and forth from Indiana to Mexico. The trip we took to Idaho a couple of years ago and the trip we took last summer. I'm assuming it is tracking our phone. I never used Google Maps until recently. I found this by mistake. Was wondering what timeline was - well now I know. 
Went to manage location history and hope I turned it off. But not sure as it just says pause. 
Still struggling with Microsoft to get my Streets and Trips back on my laptop. Spent another hour with them on the phone only to be told call back in three days, our program needs to be reactivated. JUST TELL ME THAT at the beginning of the phone call, not an hour later!
Fixed a strange, but good, dinner last night. For some reason a while back we bought frozen fish sticks. Do you know how hard it is to find a recipe for using bought frozen fish sticks. Finally found one and it turned out good. Use a package of scalloped potatoes, follow mixing directions. Then layer frozen peas over the potatoes. Cook about 20 minutes then top with the fish sticks. I put dill and lemon slices on the fish. Finish cooking in oven another 20/25 minutes. Add a salad and a pretty good dinner. Between us we ate every bit of it. 
Today I think I'll make a loaf of bread. The frozen dough kind. Cleaning out freezer time. 
Just got a call from Microsoft and they tried again to fix the program. Now I have a telephone appointment tomorrow at noon with a higher up tech person. 
At least the wind has stopped for a few days. 


Contessa said...

Never ending times for you trying to get your program back again. Hope this will be the fix.

Carol and Bill said...

after hours on the phone with them both here and while in Mexico they told me there is no fix. Too bad, good bye.