Thursday, April 4, 2019

Weather here is nice.

I got part of this done yesterday but guess I got side tracked.
Bill is continuing to work on his charging station. Mars trip anyone?
Here some of the drone batteries are charging. Each drone has a different charger [I think - I really don't know what it is all about.] He bought the tray at Bed, Bath and Beyond. One of his drone cases can fit underneath it. This is for use in the RV.
Wondered  what he was doing in the garage. Adding some of the Mexican tile to it. The batteries are really hot when they come out of the drone so he likes to put them on the tile. Looking at this I see he has some storage trays to it too.
I had to make an unexpected trip to the doc tor Tuesday. The one that is 18 miles across town. Couldn't figure out what the reflection in the Encore was. Never saw it before. Something with red on it.
Ah ha! They are really working on what is called I think - the World Resort. It was sitting quiet for several years. This building was only a couple of stories high when we left in the fall.
Heading west. Lots of heavy looking clouds over the mountains and the wind was really picking up.
Wish this had turned out better. Don't know who painted it but it has been on this wall for as long as I remember. Was there when we lived here before in 2006. It is a little faded now.
Weird looking.
Saw this on the way home, it is new. It is a Pot Dispensary. Like the colors.
Tuesday night the clouds had moved to the east of us. Way out over the desert. looked like it was raining in places.
Our black palm tree. The entire trunk is black from a fire sometime in the past, but it is growing fine.
Yesterday we got started on painting the shed. Got all the walls done, just the trim left. "Reinspection" is the 9th. I hate painting trim, but it will give me something to do I guess.
Today will  be busy - going to pick up my laptop and take the RV into the dealer to get the hole in the fresh water tank fixed. And maybe paint if it isn't too hot or windy.

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Barb said...

How many drones does Bill have now?