Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Visiting a "ghost town"

On the way back up the road we stopped at the "ghost town" where the Techatticup Mine was. The area is now a tourist attraction and one can get a guided tour of the town and the mine at a reasonable price. Of course I took a lot of pictures. If you to this link there is a really great article about the area. Now one would never think it was so populated and lawless. It is a good read - two pages of information. Fun read.
Lots of old cars and trucks sitting around.

Old signs and pieces of vehicles.
We came down by here years ago - the first time we lived in Vegas - I remember the Texaco sign.
Wish this truck was mine.
I didn't think about this being a Sunday. Lots and lots of tourists around. A couple bus loads for the tours came in while we were there. Get out of my pictures people! Last time we were here there was no one else around.
This chain was as big around as my wrist.
Don't know how much has been rebuilt, restored, or original. Nice fireplace.
The back side of the wall.

Part or all of this building is supposed to be original.

Water tank and water truck.

Original RV?

This is funny. Haul your own gasoline.
Didn't go over by this building, don't know what it is/was.
A bad picture of part of the mine, it was across the street. Just too many people milling around it.
This building is supposed to be original. I remember it from our first trip out here. I like the grill and headlights on it.

It now has a little cafe, lots of old things and trinkets for sale.
The entrance.
A couple more of the buildings. We didn't go to check them out either.
Just took there pictures. Maybe I can talk Bill into going out there again on a week day, when not so many people wandering around.
A couple of sandstone paintings for sale.

Lots of stuff laying around outside. Could spend hours wandering around.
This is looking across the street again towards the actual mine.
Went to investigate these.
At first glance, this battered military aircraft would appear to be the victim of a tragic accident, one of many to litter the vast expanses of the Nevada desert.  But in reality the plane wreck is a movie prop located near Nelson, Nevada, used in the 2001 crime film 3000 Miles to Graceland starring Kurt Russell and Kevin Costner.
Another good link about the area and some information on the mine tour.
Heading back to the highway.
The Joshua trees are blooming like crazy, but hard to get a picture of when moving.
Lots of snow still on the mountains around us.
Getting ready to get off the freeway.
And that is the end of our Sunday field trip. Aren't you glad we are home.


Contessa said...

Very interesting place. Love that 'original RV'.

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