Sunday, June 2, 2019

A hobby kind of day.

We were both busy with our hobbies. I spent time in the quilt room working with a new Christmas quilt for the end of a bed or over a couch. I'm making it for a friend in Mazatlan. It has 14 blocks and each block is made of 16 pieces of material. The blocks are all different Christmas materials. And will look kind of like the one that is waiting to be pieced together. You can see the stacks of the other squares along the side. 
I spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room as today was a NASCAR race day so I had the TV in there on. #18 the M&M's car won the race. 
Any way two sewn together and the rest in various stages of being sewn and pressed.  
This is what came for Bill, but he was actually building the stand for another machine to make room on the table for this one. 
 He was also working on the sunflower until it got too hot in the garage to work out there. Today it got up into the 90's with 100's not too far away. Looks like he plans on framing it using old pieces of bark. {It is 8:00 p.m. and the AC just came on again.}
And early this morning before it got hot I did some work on my lampshades. These are just rough cut. Each shade has 8 large panels and 8 small pieces to form a crown. I actually managed to get this all done without cutting myself. It is easy to forget how sharp the glass is until OUCH.
This is how it goes together - this is the broken one. I hope I remember how to put it together.
And other than reading that is how we spent our Sunday. Tomorrow We'll probably both be working in the garage early then we have to go to the market. No other plans. 

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