Friday, June 28, 2019

At least it wasn't a REALLY hot day.

Still having cooler than normal weather. Love it. A rather pretty sunset a few night ago. Look towards the west. 
 Even pretty looking east towards The Wetlands and mountains out back. 
Wednesday Bill had an appointment with the cardiologist. It was at 3:00 - We were out of there by 3:20! Amazing. Doctor already had all the records from Bill's trip to emergency room a couple of weeks ago. He wasn't concerned as since then there has been no swelling of Bill's legs or feet. But he does have appointments for a couple of post stent -last June - tests but not until September.
Yesterday we got our new AC/Furnace. They were supposed to be here between 8 and 10. I left to meet friends at 9:40 and they weren't' here. My friends are two women I worked with at Los Angeles School District - we all retired at least 15 years ago. They both live here now. 
When I got home a little after 12:00 the truck was out front. Bill said they got here just before I came home. 
 Ugh I wouldn't want to be the guy who crawled under here. Probably no one has been under there since the house was put here. 33 years ago. 
The old AC. It is the kind that needs freon to function. If it went bad after the first of the year there would be no fixing it. It was still working but really groaning and growling. And we've had to have freon put in it once already. So no brainer when we were offered a good deal from our home warranty company.
Taking out the furnace part. I asked the guy if he could tell how old it was. He said older than me and I'm 32! 
 The new system partly installed. 
 Getting a little hot inside. At least it was a relatively cool day for the end of June in Vegas - high was only 99!
 Installed, but some one will be out to put up some framing and dry wall - some day...The old one was ugly gray metal. so this looks a whole lot nicer. 
The new AC unit. Don't have a very big actual back yard do we. One reason we got this home was because of the nice side yard and view of the desert. 
Took a while for the house to cool down. I kept checking the vents to see if cool air was coming out because now we can't hear the unit running. The old one was LOUD.
Bill continues to work on his bridge project. 
And I have finished my quilt. So now have to think of something else I can do to stay busy inside. Still have to work on my lamp shades, but that has to be done in the garage when it is cool early in the a.m. 
Might bake some banana muffins later today, or not. 


Contessa said...

Good news medical wise for Bill. Love that sunset. Yeah, you finally got the new AC/furnace unit. I will send you a photo of how we covered ours. Looks just like the rest of the cupboards now.

Contessa said...

I can't remember your email, it is a bit different. Could be the jet lag. I have the photos for you, please send me your email address.


Carol and Bill said...

Thanks, they are sending a worker next week to do some cosmetic work on it.