Monday, June 17, 2019

Happy Days - mostly

Time has been passing so slowly - I've forgotten to blog. But then not much to blog about any way.  Had a nice quiet Father's Day. Didn't do any thing special.
Our weather is still being strange. Only a couple of days of real warm. The rest below normal - normal being 100 for this time of year. Had some very strong wind last night, guess there was a storm on the mountain and we got the "down force wind."  [Air conditioning just came on and it is 10:30 - a couple of days last week it was on by 7:30.
Had a couple of pretty sunrises that one or the other of us was up for. Bill has been getting up around 3 a.m. so he can work in the garage before it gets too hot.
 Our Palo Verde tree is blooming again. Never had it bloom twice in one year. Maybe it wasn't done blooming when the winds came and blew all the pretty yellow flowers off it. Nature is a wonder.
 Just a look at our rocks edged with colorful flowers. The lantanas are really flowering and getting big.
Another little bush that just got flowers. The gardener trimmed the lower branches off the tree so these plants could be seen.  
It is just amazing how much the hummingbirds manage to drink/eat. Seems like I'm making sugar water every week. I've only seen three of them coming here.
 They like this feeder better because they can stand on it while sipping. The one above has no where to land. 

My Mexican cactus is going crazy growing. Need to put it into a bigger pot. Wondering if I'll still be able to stick it under the sink in the RV so it can travel back to Mexico this winter.

 Been managing to keep ourselves busy - me doing puzzles. This set is some of the most challenging I've done in a while. The starfish took quite a while.
And this one was fun. This is one of the bigger ones 750 pieces - starfish was 500. Wish this picture had turned out better - a really pretty picture.
I've managed to get out early enough to take a few walks this past week. On one of them I went up past where the RV is stored and discovered this VIOLATION stuck to the driver's side window. CRAP - again? We went through this a year ago. We have a parking permit on it, but the security needs to get out of his truck and walk to the front of the RV to see it.  So this morning we went to the office and showed them the violation and the permit (took pictures.) So to solve the problem they gave us another permit to put on the back of the RV. Hopefully that is the end of this. These yellow stickers are HARD to get off the window.
 So anyway I've been taking it slow with the walking only doing a mile to a mile and a half. Need to keep it up before it gets to be 90 before it is light out.
Sunrise yesterday. I was up by 5:00. Sunrise is 5:23!

 Just after it popped up from behind the mountains.
 Bill continues to work on his wood working - the covered bridge. This is one of the trees that will be part of it.
 He has also been gathering small rocks for it.  And painting them.
I got the binding for my quilt - 40% off! So need to get working on it again. Also got the lead to finish my lamps. Wish I could buy the energy - wrong word but - to get out there and finish them.
Read a couple of good summer reading books. The Beach House Hotel series. First one Breakfast at the Beach House Hotel. Then lunch and dinner.


Barb said...

love those puzzles! Especially the shell one. Very colorful!


Carol and Bill said...

they are challenging. they are part of a set I bought in Walmart. Just got the last one out and think I've finally started a puzzle I won't finish.

Contessa said...

That first hummer federalists is beautiful. You are both so creative. Nice sunrise photos.