Friday, June 7, 2019

Hair Dryer Weather

Still not doing much interesting stuff outside of the house. Summer has begun here in Vegas. This is outside the kitchen window in the shade. 10:00 in the morning!
Going to get warmer. Friday says Wind Gusts - sustained of around 25/30 with gusts up to 40mph. Like opening an oven door when you go outside. At least we are getting a couple of cooler days over the weekend. At least humidity is low - 9% yesterday. 
This guy seems to like the heat. He is hanging out on our black palm tree. Didn't move for a couple of hours. In case you don't know. We have a palm tree with a black trunk. Some time in the past, before we bought the house, it started on fire and the whole trunk up to where new growth starts is black. 
Beautiful sunrise over The Wetlands this morning. I wasn't up but Bill saw it and took the picture. He gets up around 3 a.m. everyday. Says it is the only time he can work in the garage. Then sometime during the day he takes a nice long nap. 
He finished the sunflower yesterday. Here it is sitting in our computer room. The flower is a little more yellow then it photographs. 
Hanging on the wall above my desk. All the crap on top of the hutch is M & Ms stuff. Because I like the NASCAR driver who drives the M&Ms #18 car. The picture with the black frame under the sunflower is of me in a NASCAR car at Las Vegas Speedway. I took a "ride along" Loved every minute of it - 165mph. Fascinating. Click here to read my blog about it. 
So here is my lamp shade waiting for me to start soldering it. I hope the heat doesn't stretch the electrician's tape holding it together. 
 And Bill has already started a new project. A covered bridge. Says it should take him quite a while to finish it. 
My shaking hands are really starting to bother me when using the cvomputer. Or maybve I should rephrase that. They don't hurt or anything, they just type really funny. Forever adding letters I don't want.  Check out computer and maybe. If I didn't add so many extra letters I'd be done in  half the time. Going back and correcting words is aggravating. Sometime a whole sentence looks like a foreign language. 
Time to watch TV NASCAR - got all the sashing and borders on the quilt top. I plan on doing some machine embroidery on the sashing before I put the quilt together. Should be fun.


SandyM said...

Like the way Bill chose to "frame" the sunflower - very nice.

Carol and Bill said...

I love the way it turned out.

NormSusan said...

Envious about your heat. We had snow yesterday here in sunny Alberta!!! All your crafts are gorgeous.

Carol and Bill said...

maybe we could share you get some of our heat and we take some of your cold. the perfect weather