Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Just life.in the slow lane

Continue to not do much - well except for a trip to emergency - which turned out okay.
Sunday I planned on watching the NASCAR race from Michigan but it was postponed and will be run today. Race turned out okay, Kyle took a 20th place car and finished 5th. 
Monday we waited all day for the AC installer to come by and take measurements. Never showed. I texted an unhappy message to company and got call before 8 a.m. this morning - it is now 8:20 and he has been here and is gone. With lots of apologizes. Will be back to install the units the 27th, sure hop it isn't 115 then as it will take most of the day.
I continue to work on my quilt.This is the material I had that I am going to use for the backing. Not really Christmas but festive. Bought it in  Mexico several years ago.
I've been doing some machine embroidery on the quilt. To make it more personal.

Also been doing some small appliques to scatter around the quilt top.  I love to play with the machine embroidery. Except for some reason yesterday I broke several needles. Checked everything on machine, changed needle type and changed threads - still don't know why. Hopefully it will stop 'cause I sure don't want to take it in for repair. Costs a fortune and they always try to sell me the new model by saying soon they won't be able to repair mine. 
Now I just have to figure where to put them and stitch them down. 
Bill continues to work in the garage on a new wood project. A covered bridge. Love the red cedar, it smells so good. 

This is a photograph of the same pattern that he made when we lived in Indiana - it was twice the size of the one he is making now. 
He was busy out there this morning. It will have quite a bit of dimension to it when it is finished. 
Picked up a magazine "75 Easy Chicken Dinners" some yummy recipes in it. Already fixed one. Chicken, snow peas, asparagus and orange slices.
Turned out delicious. Tonight making another one - with plums. Pretty soon we will be clucking...
So any way...why do we always get scary sick on Friday afternoons when all the doctors have left for the weekend...About 3:30 Friday I found Bill sitting at his computer looking at his very swollen lower legs and feet and hands. Oops! Not good. Called doctors - one on vacation the other gone for weekend already. Bill also said he was feeling dizzy. So into the car and to an Urgent Care facility. Discovered they would not take our Anthem/Blue Cross insurance. Dignity Health. So across the street to the hospital emergency room. Luckily within 15 minutes he was being attended to. Lots of blood work, xrays and questions and walking and breathing tests. Everything came back normal. By then, in the very cool hospital sitting down, the swelling was going down some. They gave him a choice, go home, or if he wanted - an overnight stay. But nothing was life threatening wrong with him. To make long story short. On the way home we stopped to eat in cool restaurant. By the time we got home the swelling was much better and after eating he was feeling better. By the next day the swelling was pretty much gone and he is drinking more liquids. But "just in case" he now has a doctor's appointment the end of the month. Seems to be fine since then. 


Mark said...

Hope all is good with the Dr visit and Bill gets to feeling better.

Kathy Tycho said...

What's up with A/C? New units, more units etc. Can't imagine you can cope without it.

Carol and Bill said...

He is fine just a combination of on feet too much too long and the heat. Dehydration too.

Carol and Bill said...

We are getting a new AC/furnace unit for our home. We've had trouble with it off and on and as of Jan 2020 if it loses its Freon - it can't be repaired. So home warranty policy made us an offer we didn't want to refuse. It will be installed the end of this month and will take a most of the day to install it. Hope it isn't a really hot day.