Monday, June 24, 2019

We are enjoying a COLD SNAP with the weather

Weather here has been delightful the last couple of days - yesterday's HIGH was 89! today 95! ]Started writing this yesterday - today it will be 101, but getting back down to 99 in middle of week - the day the AC will be installed. Hope they work fast.] And it will continue to stay a degree or two below normal for a while. 
Been doing very little exciting lately. Just thought this cloud out over the desert was pretty.
A couple of years ago the place we live had someone come in and trap all the bunnies and relocate them. Lots of bunnies back in the area, guess they've been reproducing. They are so cute. I know we shouldn't feed them....
This tree bloomed a second time with more flowers then it had the first time a month or so ago. Really pretty when flowering.
Our black palm tree with the setting sun shining on the under leaves.
Guess Bill was being sneaky with the camera. This is one of the hardest puzzles I've done - finally finished it though. Except for one piece that was missing. Looked all over for it. Couldn't find it. Finally the next day I discovered it under the table between two chair legs.Good thing I decided to mop the floor. 
Bill continues to get up early and go out in the garage to work on his bridge. 
Really making progress. Love the date on it. 
Lots of tedious work on the roof and windows. 
All this still has to have lots of work.
My quilt is almost finished. Just doing the hand work on the binding. Then need to make a label for it. Update - finished the hand work yesterday while watching the NASCAR race yesterday. The last 20 laps were really good. Rest of the race - well I was sewing...
We are still waiting for our medical insurance to reimburse us for Bill's surgery in Mexico in January. Seems like every time I send them something they need something else. But they don't bother to tell me unless I call them!!! Finally last week I was told it is "processing." Hopefully that is good news. Still have not figured out how our new insurance works - Though I was told NOT to use our Medicare card anymore, the Blue Cross is our primary insurance. Then why does Medicare still deduct money every month from our checks??? 


Mark said...

A cold snap, your killing me. Tomorrow (Thur) gonna be 86 here. We call that to frigging hot, not a cold snap.

Carol and Bill said...

It is all in what you are used to!