Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Hobbies continue to occupy us.

Getting up early and out into the garage before it gets too hot. Expecting our first 100+ day today. UGH!
We were going to drive out and see the Seven Magic Mountains today - they are being restored and repainted. Today they just have the primer coat on them. But decided to just steal a photo of them. Next step is to repaint them in their original colors. Hope they get it done today as tomorrow winds of 30mph are expected. The whole desert would get painted. 
Bill can only work in the garage early. So he has been getting up around 3 a.m.??? And by the time I get up around 6 he is ready to come inside. He is getting a lot done. My glass area is between him and the wall. You can see some of the glass on the shelf. 
 Carving details into the petals and leaves. 
 He still needs to stain and/or paint everything. 
The flower is sitting on the pattern. I don't know what he plans on mounting it on. But he is using old park for the frame. 
So what am I doing? Keeping busy for sure. Here I am cutting the panels from the glass. Once the pieces are all cut I have to grind off the sharp edges and any excess glass so they are the right size. 
I use the grinder in the right of the photo.  Took me about an hour to do the eight large panels.
Still have two to do in this picture. Then there are the eight small crown pieces. 
After they are all ground and correct size they have to have copper foil put around the edges - it makes the solder stick. The little white stick is used to firmly press the foil to the glass.
All the large and small pieces are foiled. I can do this step inside where it is nice and cool. Now it just has to be assembled. Sure hope I remember how to do it. I know it involves electricians tape to hold it in the cone shape to be soldered.  That step will have to be done in the garage. 
This morning I got the eight large panels done for the second shade. Will foil them later this afternoon. 
Also been working on the quilt.  I usually work on it while watching TV [listening] to TV. I have all the blocks done, now I need to figure out the sashing - the strips of material between the blocks. I'
m making this for a friend in Mexico and remembered years ago we'd bought some nice Mexico themed material. Finally found it and will use a piece for the backing. The blocks are laying on top of it. So need to do some measuring to get it the right size for the backing I want to use the whole width of the Mexican panel. Length I can adjust. I think I have it figured out. And maybe add some machine embroidery to the sashing. 
I don't know how we lived without a DVD for so many years. We just got one when we got the Dish TV. I love it. Especially during soccer and NASCAR season. And there are programs I like that sometimes I forget to watch - now the DVD is setup to automatically record them. No idea how I managed that. I'm also using the Closed Captioning especially when there are mostly women talking. Having a harder time understanding them now days. 


SandyM said...

Goodness you both are so productive and do such great crafts; I think you are having fun, too. Hope you have some under 100 degree days so you can get your projects finished.

Carol and Bill said...

We will just have to get up early while the garage is still semi cool

Don said...

OR, maybe you wanna consider adding a mini-split A/C unit to the garage -- they're down around $500 for cooling a small space, using "heat pump" technology is way more efficient than standard AC unit. Also, FYI, what you have is commonly called DVR -- digital video recorder (DVD is a video disk)... I know, ain't technology great?!?