Monday, July 1, 2019

Ever have "One of those days."

Today was sure one of those days and it is only 1:30 as I write this.
Last week the tree trimmers for the park we live in were going around trimming the pines and palms. We'd seen them up the block but didn't think any thing about it. All of a sudden they we backing their huge truck up over the curb between our and our neighbors house. Bill went out to ask what they were doing. "Going to trim your palm tree. You have to move your car!" [The Jeep which is parked in the back and completely covered with a car cover.] Bill told them he wouldn't move the Jeep, that they could trim the tree without it being moved. So it turned into a "No I can't." "Yes, you can." discussion. Well they left without trimming the tree. Besides it didn't need trimming. After they left we were wondering if they would complain to the office about the car in the back yard. Guess they didn't as we didn't hear anything. But our palm tree was the only one that wasn't scalped.
This morning Bill noticed the regular gardeners for the park, they had their tree trimming equipment with them. So he asked them if they could trim the palm without him moving the car. Of course speaking Spanish to them and a couple of bottles of cold water helped. They backed their truck into the yard - a tight squeeze between our bushes and the neighbors picket fence. 

 The arrow pointing to a palm frond coming down. 
 Really looks ugly now,. 
In a few minutes they had the tree trimmed and were on their way. One problem taken care of.
So we decided to go to the market. Got in the convertible and it wouldn't start. I noticed that the dash cam was on, oh, oh. We hadn't been in the car in a couple of days. Luckily Bill has a handy little Jump Starter that he carries in what ever vehicle we are driving. A quick connection and the car started right away.  
So off we went to WalMart. More and more self serve lanes and fewer cashiers. got in the shortest long line. Realized we'd left our bags in the car - no problem they still use plastic bags here.
Back in the car and we noticed a couple of police cars, lights flashing, in the parking lot. Commented on - oops someone's day was ruined.
Had to stop at CVS Pharmacy to pick up our prescriptions $$$ for 90 days and get our pneumonia and TDAP shots that the doctor has been yammering about us getting. No problem.
Turned into parking lot, pulled into space, got out of car..."GET BACK INTO THE CAR SIR - LADY. RIGHT NOW - GET BACK IN THE CAR!" Two cops one on each side of our car were talking to us! Neither of us reacted quickly, too stunned. They repeated "Get back in the car and sit down. Sir, roll down your window so I can talk to you." We got back in the car, Bill started the car and rolled down the window. When they heard the car start both of them were immediately at the doors. "I need identification, keep your hands where I can see them." The lady cop was talking to Bill, the man was standing right next to me - my door was open. Also keep in mind it was already 100 degrees out. So gave them identification, registration and insurance. She went to check them out. Came back and said, "Do you know why I pulled you over?" Well duh - NO! She said,"You didn't use your turn signal when you pulled into here."
Bill said he didn't realize he forgot to use it and apologized. Turns out the lady was new and she pulled us over as a training exercise. She just reminded Bill to use his signals and told us to have a good day? The man cop asked me if we'd seen them before we stopped. What? No. "Okay, this is a training exercise for her. Have a good day."
So into the pharmacy we go. While I was picking up prescriptions he took his blood pressure - it was higher than normal! Really? So anyway, we also got our shots.
Back out to the car WHERE IT WOULDN'T START AGAIN! Again hand dandy little jump starter to the rescue.
Picked up the mail on the way home. Air conditioning is working so nice. I went through mail and noticed one from a medical facility I didn't recognize. Opened it up. WHAT??? A bill from when I was in the emergency room for the flu. Total due $2080.00 - several nasty thoughts went through my mind about our insurance that got changed at the first of the year. I set it aside to take care of a couple more things on the computer. My on line service - AOL - refused to come up. So used Internet Explorer to pay a bill. Got to the site to pay and they gave me three different amounts that they said I owed. I had the actual paper bill in front of me, nothing agreed. So called company, five minute wait on hold. Oh no my paper bill was correct, the other amounts were wrong. So paid that one over the phone. Then went on line to pay another bill. Had to sign in, for life of me couldn't remember ever setting up an account there. But when I tried to set one up they told me I already had one. No idea about password so had to go through all the "forgot your password stuff." Of course my mail goes to AOL, but luckily it was now working because while I was on hold I had redownloaded it. Finally got that bill paid too. YES!
Called our medical insurance company. Very nice lady answered my call. Told her about the bill. She took all info about the billing company and put me on hold. When she came back she said not to pay that bill that there should not be any amount due. And if we got another bill to call her back. I could feel my blood pressure going down. Sure hope she is right.
We still haven't heard from them about Bill's surgery in Mexico in January. Just that it is "being processed."
Bill is taking a nap and I'm going to go sit and watch TV and/or read for a while.


Mark said...

Well that was an interesting day.

Tango Dancer said...

Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian friends Lets go to Fat Fish for RIBS!

Jackie McGuinness said...

Had to read the police story out loud to John!

Barb said...

OMG!! All that nasty attitude just for a turn signal? You'd think you had just robbed a bank! That would have had me in tears!! That is no way to train a new officer! The rest of your stuff would have drove me to drinking!

We also had our palm trees trimmed down to nothing last week! They look awful!

Carol and Bill said...

It was kind of scary to step out of the car and be yelled at. Couldn't imagine what we had done! Now it is kind of funny but sure wasn't then.

Carol and Bill said...

I guess he wanted to impress on her that she shouldn't take any chances. Never know who is in a car you are stopping. We sure were impressed!
I'm wishing I'd bought some ice cream.

SandyM said...

You certainly have exciting times! Why is it necessary to trim the palm trees so severely; since we can't seem to "grow them in WV" I have always wondered? It is done that way everywhere they grow. July now and already we are thinking about Mexico - will you and Bill return to Mazatlan for the Winter?

Kathy Tycho said...

Now that was a bad day...glad you survived!

Tango Dancer said...

We need some of the ribs!!!

Carol and Bill said...

and I've had a bad reaction to the TDAP shot - my whole arm from shoulder to elbow is swollen red and hot. And sore to move. Glad I don't need another one for 10 years.

Carol and Bill said...

Right now we are planning on going to Mazatlan for at least 3 months this winter.

Mark said...

Fat Fish, Mmmmmmmmmmm. Six more months and I will be eating ribs again.

SandyM said...

Yeah, our plan at this time is to spend January in Mazatlan before we go South to Rincon de Guayabitos. Hope you have an open date in January to have breakfast at Torres(sp) - just love breakfast there and the view is very hard to beat.

Contessa said...

Never had one of these days. Wow!! Sorry you had to endure that.