Friday, July 5, 2019

We felt that one!

Started this yesterday but forgot to finish it. 
Belated Happy Fourth of July. Some of our homey decorations. I have sun catchers for almost every season/holiday.
Also have place mats for the holidays. Just never get to use the ones for Christmas, Valentines Day or St. Patrick's Day. I love using my embroidery machine. 
But back to the blog title. 
Actually I didn't feel any thing, but Bill who was laying down on the bed reading felt it. He came into the sewing room and said, "There was an earthquake somewhere. Didn't you feel it?" Nope, I didn't and wondered what he did feel. He was insisting he felt a quake. A few minutes later I found a TV channel talking about it. I heard 6.4 and Southern California and immediately got upset. We have kids living there. Then found out it was in Ridgecrest about 130 miles from LA and 140 from Vegas, but only 60 from where our oldest son lives. Got a hold of him but he hadn't felt it!  But the lone living in LA did feel it. Guess it depended on what you were doing when it shook. All is well with our families.
Enjoying the 4th relaxing. Finished my apron and watching NASCAR practice from Daytona. Now I need something else to do. Don't feel like working on the lampshades. Too hot to solder. 
Bill was up early again and working on his bridge project.
You can see the layers here. Lots of dimension to it.
There were illegal fireworks going on all around us last night, thankfully most stopped by about 11:00. Bill took some drone video but I haven't converted it for the blog yet. 
Today finally the swelling in my arm is almost gone. Just a little left by my elbow, and most of the soreness is gone. Bill had no reaction, just a little sore spot. 
Yesterday's high was only 100 - very unusual for July in Vegas, going to enjoy it while we can, By end of this week it will be 106.


Contessa said...

I thought of you when I read about the earthquakes and wondered if you felt them.

Good photography showing the details of Bill's project.

Carl said...

Hello Carol and Bill; Enjoyed your blogs on your travels. Question... do you think las Jaibas will still be there this fall or do you think Philipe' will sell out this year? Carl

Carol and Bill said...

I just don't want to feel any more! Don't like them.

Carol and Bill said...

Las Jaibas is still open and busy with summer campers. Our friend works there and he is looking forward to seeing all of us returnees this winter.

Carl said...

Thanks Carol. We missed last year but we're chompin at he bit to get down there this year. Can't wait. Thanks to Bill for his excellent drone videos of the const. around Las Jaibas.

Carol and Bill said...

hope to see you there. the drones will be up and active again.